Infinite Stratos EP 9: Ocean’s Eleven.

OMG! UBER KAWAIII! *nosebleeds*

“Moe Moe Kyun ~ ♥” As Yui and Ritsu from HTT would say.


Houki calls her sister, Tabane, to ask for a personal IS otherwise the directors will cut her from Ichika’s harem. Tabane, having anticipated the call, reveals that Houki’s long awaited personal IS, Akatsubaki, is at last complete. Hurray for Japan-tan! Prepare for war against, er, Germany, France, China and England.


Back to the cause of the war – Ichika wakes up the next morning to find an uber kawaii Laura beside him. After dealing with Laura and a furious Houki, he goes with Charlotte to the mall to buy a swimsuit for their beach study session whilst being stalked by Rin, Cecilia and Laura.

This must be on the most EPIC facial expressions EVER.


When Charlotte notices that her three rivals are following her, she hides with Ichika in the dressing room to show off her swimsuit. They are, however, caught by Chifuyu and Maya who then lectures them about sex education before any romantic progress can be made.

At the beach study session, all the girls try to get close with Ichika. As sunset arrives, Chifuyu talks with Houki about Tabane and believes that her sister will come with Akatsubaki on July 7.

This was bound to happen...




Ichika, please do not tell me you intend to have an incestuous relationship with your own sister?! Yes, we all know that she is very attractive and but…YOU HAVE OTHER GIRLS TO CHOOSE FROM! Like Germany-tan! Speaking of Larura, I was quite delighted to see Laura, Charlotte and Maya in their swimsuits… But other than that, it would have been nice if the directors decided to focus on more significant plot, rather a harem filler episode. Not that the fan service was unappreciated, just that this series is going to be one of those “last-minute-down-to-the-actual-plot” sort of series if it were less than 26 episodes…which it is. It’s going to go at an extremely fast rate. I think that 8-Bit Studio are just trialling to see whether if the series will be popular or not at this point in time, and by the looks of things, it is. We should ought to be seeing a new season. You better, 8-Bit.


True Red Line/Standing On That Border Line


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3 Responses to Infinite Stratos EP 9: Ocean’s Eleven.

  1. Kimmichan says:


  2. This was one of my favorite episodes in the series. The fan service was alright, but there were also a lot of really funny moments in it too. :D

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