SNEAK PEAK! Ao no Exorcist OP: “Core Pride” – UVERworld

Due to be released on 11th May 2011 is UVERworld‘s newest single CORE PRIDE. Their song Core Pride will be featured as the opening of the anime Ao no Exorcist!

The album will also include two other songs and is sold in Regular, Limited (which comes with a bonus DVD featuring performance and personal footage*) and an Anime Edition. For more info, visit UVERworld Official Site.

*Subject to change.

Track Listing:
2. 境地・マントラ (Kyouchi ・Mantra)
3. UVER Battle Royal 〜桁外れmix〜 (UVER Battle Royal ~Ketahazure mix~)

Blabberings: As usual, LOVE IT! :D
Loved UVERworld in BLEACH and now I love them EVEN MORE in Ao no Exorcist. More information in one months time ^^

Extras: MONDO PIECE, UVERworld’s 18th Single was released on the 6th April 2011 ;P Check it out.



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