Starry Sky Ep 15+16 (Leo I+II)

Naoshi Haruki-sensei’s arc is up! ;D


Episode 15 (Leo I)

Introducing Naoshi, a teacher who first is fired up by the idea of young people “enjoying their youth”!…? However, Naoshi is one of those “pushover” sensei whom the students like to play pranks…a lot. He’s even lectured by Iku and the Archery Club (who say that Naoshi has a lack of self-consciousness).

Or at least from Miyaji Ryuunosuke himself ^^

Naoshi is pretty friendly with the other teachers but occasionally bickers with Iku about being either a role model or friend to the students. The episode ends when the students and Naoshi are preparing for the Cultural Festival.

It's the Cultural Festival!

Episode 16 (Leo II)

The students and Naoshi are having lunch break until Suzuya suddenly remembers something…

Someone forgot to close the windows and it just happens that there’s a rainstorm. By the time Suzuya arrives at the scene, all of the decorations for the room are ruined.

At first, the students are depressed about how they will never manage to fix it on the time limit. However, Naoshi says words of encouragement and the students start cleaning up and remaking the decorations with the help of the other teachers, Yoh, the Archery Club, and the Student Council.

The room is fixed and the Cultural Festival is a success. Naoshi mentions a friend of his named Hiroki who helped him see the importance of youth. The end of Naoshi’s arc ends~

This is Hiroki...he looks alot like Suzuya O_O


Honestly, I didn’t really see any interactions between Naoshi and Tsukiko. Naoshi did once mention that he was worried about Tsukiko just because she was the only girl of Seigetsu Academy but other than that, nothing direct. I’m not even sure if Naoshi would even be described as a “love interest”. From my point of view, this arc seemed like an insight on a supporting character of the other love interests.


Next Episode Preview:

“Virgo I+II”

Hayato Aozora is next in line ^^ Vice president of the student council, he takes control when Kazuki and Tsubasa get out of hand :) After Hayato, we’ll be done with our ~in Winter~ game.

Until next time!



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