[First Impression] Dog Days Ep 1: The Birth of a Hero!

A dose of fantasy, shall we? Now presenting…DOG DAYS! ^^


Our story begins with war. The Galette Army is overpowering Republic of Biscotti, whose council is discussing the importance of an upcoming battle. The Princess of Biscotti, Millhiore Filianno Biscotti, finally reaches a conclusion…to summon a hero.

Meanwhile, a boy named Shinku Izumi is enrolled into Japan’s International School. Shinku is a sports-lover as well as an acrobatic, fearless of  jumping off roofs.

A little before...

And he's in the air!

One day, whilst Shinku is jumping off a roof, a dog comes along and grabs a knife that’s been stabbed into the ground…causing a magenta light to appear.

Shinku is transported to the Land of Flonyard! He meets the Biscotti Princess who explains why he’s been summoned.

Shinku’s “job” is to win the current battle. However, these kind of battles are different from the ones on Earth – wars and battles in Flonyard are actually athletic tournaments where nobody gets hurt.

Instead, they turn into this when hit...

Believing this is all a dream, Shinku agrees for entertainment’s sake. The episode ends as Shinku makes his first appearance as Biscotti’s Hero.


I’ve gotta say, their names are pretty cute~ ^^

I’m looking forward to the development in plot and characterization of this series. And one more thing…the people of Flonyard have animal ears and tails! I’m assuming that the kingdoms of Flonyard are consisted of animal-people hybrids…or something like that.

See the ears?

Well, this IS a Fantasy anime ^^"


Plot: 7.5/10 (Well, at least in this episode it is. This is first impression, no?)
Graphics: 8/10 (Not completely to my liking but alright nevertheless…)
Music: 9/10 (Suitable for the fantasy genre)
Overall: 8/10

Until next time!


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7 Responses to [First Impression] Dog Days Ep 1: The Birth of a Hero!

  1. Itachi says:

    I like this anime because the character design is cute. The voice actor picks also not bad. The graphics is ok i guess. Well, it is a pretty interesting as well. The war is totally save and no one get injured or killed? Looks like a game to me… Anyway, nice review, the score also not bad. ^.^

  2. Reminds me of MÄR, particularly with its protagonist and this whole ‘war = game’ concept. The animal ears and tails are cute ;3

  3. Unknown says:

    The pictures that you chose to go along with the scene is good. :)

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