“Haruka” by SCANDAL to be released 20th April, 2011!

It feels like only yesterday that SCANDAL did Shoujo S.

Introducing SCANDAL’s soon to be released single, Haruka! Additionally, the 3D anime film “Tofu Kozo” will also feature Haruka as its theme song. Once again, there will be 3 editions to this album: Limited Edition Type A and B, and the Regular Edition. The Limited Editions will include bonus DVDs of separate music videos, and the Regular Edition will feature a special photo booklet of the band.

Track Listing:

1. ハルカ (Haruka)
2. サティスファクション (Satisfaction)
3. Want You
4. ハルカ Instrumental

For those who don’t know who or what SCANDAL is:

SCANDAL (スキャンダル) is a Japanese pop rock group. Proclaiming themselves as “The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock”, they are composed of four high school girls from Osaka, Japan: Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Sasazaki, and Rina Suzuki. Scandal is very energetic, mostly because Ono, the eldest and leader of the band, shares lead vocals with the other three members, in order to not have a focus on one girl in particular and to give each time in the limelight.


There’s been a few radio rips but here’s the official PV for the song Haruka:

And for old time’s sake:

SLUT DANCE! Ah, sure brings back memories. Snicker.

– Serenata


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5 Responses to “Haruka” by SCANDAL to be released 20th April, 2011!

  1. Kimmichan says:

    SCAND1L <3

  2. baka-neko says:

    if only he was here ~ nevertheless

  3. Yi says:

    Ooh I like SCANDAL. Now off to find more SCANDAL’s music. ^ ^

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