Hourou Musuko 11: End

Disregarding my gripes, the anime ends on a powerful note. Of course, the ending is upbeat and perfect for a finale.

The story has gone full circle, ending with yet another gender bended play. The difference this time around is that Nitori isn’t just the narrator.

The show ends with definite closure, which is nice. Even though the manga continues, the producers don’t attempt to string the viewer along (Yumekui Merry!). As always, the storytelling is sporadic, jumping around from character to character. Relations with Anna are salvaged and others find their roles.The main thing being that Nitori is no longer a little girl who hides in the shadow of Chiba and Takatsuki. I would like to say that he’s a “big girl now” but that feels a tad dodgy. You get my meaning though.

Hourou Musuko at its core is still about courage; to have the courage to shrug off critisim, to do what you want, to bite your lip and endure. When Nitori steps out onto the stage, without his wig, his voice changing, I felt elated. It’s as if he has made it. He’s still very brash, denoting his boyish nature but I feel that he can now challenge the world.

As I believe I stated before, my only gripe with this show is that they skipped an entire arc. The most important arc. The manga began with elementary school and this is where the majority of the exposition lies. I do wish that an OVA or a second season will be aired showing this. However, that is only a minor thing. It’s enough as it is.

To end off this mini rant, I would advocate watching this show. It’s heavy… slightly, but it has its moments. The drudgery doesn’t continue from beginning to end. This is risque, more than yaoi or yuri. I feel that if you hold any form of interest, watch it.

Why is Nitori such a nice guy?

This photo. It encompasses everything.

;D Seta.


Confidence, I like it. Instead of wishing to become a girl or something similar, he wished for the play to be a success.

Poor Anna.


luls. I love Yuki.

– Jacqivarius


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