[First Impressions] SKET Dance/ Dat hat.

I’ve always been partial to a cute accent, it can make a wild hooligan look cute and this lovely beaut has a Kansai-ben. Squeee!…?

Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu. Sweet.

The Campus Support Group or “Sket-dan” for short. It’s a club that is devoted to solving the problems of Kaimei Gakuen. They’re a rambunctious bunch, more concerned with having fun in a wholesome sort of way. There isn’t much of a plot so I’ll leave it at that.

An interesting fact: Shinohara Kenta (the author of SKET Dance) was an assistant to Sorachi-sensei, the author of Gintama. The comedy styles and even the voice talent is extremely similar. Most of the cast in the first episodes star Gintama as well! Based on this fact in addition to SKET-dan being published by Shounen Jump, I can assume that it will be great.

The success of this anime lies in whether or not the characters are likeable. The comedy and subsequent laughter derived hinges on them. I think that SKET Dance proves worthy in this regard, maybe not on the level of Gintama but above average at least. Each character is pleasant to follow and offer moments of laughter, in their own deranged sort of way.

The Campus Support Group itself is bent on helping others. The shounen friendship thing, ya know, basic Jump material. It’s a casual show. Confrontations are at a minimum and when they do occur, they’re funny. Think of it as Gintama without the plethora of “inside” jokes.

Boorish, whimsical, and ultimately fun, SKET Dance is refreshing. Good for a cooldown after a long day. No strenuous mental workouts will be found here, only goodhearted laughs.

Dat hat.

Oh my, a plot twist. Who is this man?! Hint: arm band.


– Jacqivarius


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