Fractale 12: End

Let me be frank with you, I forgot about this anime but I’m sorry that I did. The ending was quite fantastic.

If there was one word to describe Fractale it would be: solid. Everything from the animation quality to the voice acting is above par. I think that the one thing that puts this anime leagues apart from any other in the season would be the brilliant world that was conceived. It blends the natural and flowing style of Studio Ghibli with the creatively advanced societies.

The pacing is superb. The moments of action are built up with bursts of exposition. Never did Clain spend too much time in a city or on the airship. The variation is excellent. Now, the plot. Because the the pacing so excellently builds up the suspense, the climax was just that much better. Really, I have to say that it’s simply robust.

Clain himself contrasts well with the rest of the cast. Being a technologically raised child, it’s fascinating to see him interact with the Lost Millennium. He’s the middle ground that bridges the rebels and the church. Without him, I doubt the plot would have progressed as smoothly as it did. Clain’s character is a bit ditsy for my liking but his part was designed very well.

I would dare to say that this anime is my favorite of the season. It consistently dishes out quality content with the plot being interesting from beginning to end.

This guy is still as creepy as ever unfortunately.

Tch, priests.

Daww. I love Nessa.

I found some respect for Dias in this episode. I dont think that it spoils much to say suicide bomb.

The face of God. Literally.

I was surprised when I saw "Down by the Salley Gardens" because who expects to see Yeats in an anime?

Phyrne or Nessa? Neither or both?

A happy ending. Uncommon these days but nice nonetheless.

– Jacqivarius


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