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And right back at you.

Ignoring the fact that I haven’t reviewed the previous episode – heck, I haven’t even watched it – Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is…not my cup of tea. Its plot, which is no better than any other cliché shoujo manga, and characters are much to my dislike but I’ll see how the situation plays before deciding whether to drop this or not. On a side note, I may or may not be skipping episodes for this project. Thought I ought to say that beforehand.

Episode Synopsis:

My eye hurts from twitching.

Damn those stereotypes.

SH has a pink fetish.

Not so much as comedy but more exaggeration.

As Onodera continues to grasp the ropes of manga editing and publishing, his interactions with Takano become more tense and uncomfortable. The two pay a visit to a mangaka, a fellow client of theirs, and Onodera learns that Takano may not be as cold as he seems. After settling matters with the mangaka and the printing company, Takano reveals to Onodera his identity as his first love from high school. This causes Onodera to remember their past relationship and his emotions of being used and tossed aside, though Takano explains they were fuelled by a simple misunderstanding. The latter proclaims that he will make Onodera admit his love for him, to which Onodera denies. Onodera is left conflicted with his true feelings towards Takano, even more so when he discovers that they are in fact neighbours.

Pride over love.

I hate stubborn protagonists.

And he's your neighbour!

Far too much of a coincidence. Far too much of a cliché plot.


Less than a minute into the anime and there's already a kiss.

Less than a minute into the episode and already a kissing scene?! Fanservice much.


Despite being an avid yaoi fan girl, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi gives me the goose bumps – in a rather bad way. I’ve read bits and pieces of the original manga but enough for me to boldly say that it isn’t to my liking. It’s like Junjou Romantica all over again – a cliché shoujo manga that’s been downplayed to boy x boy relationships. To be honest, I have no idea what the hell I was expecting from this series regardless of knowing it was nothing but a blob of cliché. Perhaps it was to kill boredom; I’d admit I was rather bored at the time.


Another Junjou Romantica...Sigh.

Judging from the OP, there’s going to be multiple couples in this series. Not that I’m complaining so long as each relationship is different, or to be more exact, with different characters of different personas. I could care less if Studio Deen decided to throw tsunderes at my face but only if they’re limited.

…So I lied. I actually would care if there were tsunderes in the show because I hate tsunderes. Hate is a strong word so perhaps dislike would be the more accurate term. Sure, they’re cute, but there’s a limit to how stubborn a character can be and like I said, I hate stubborn characters. Speaking of stubborn characters, Onodera ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ. He annoys me to no end.

It's like a shoujo manga...gone boyxboy

Refusing to admit your own mistakes...I can't handle those kind of characters.

Refusing to admit one’s own faults…Facepalm. I can’t believe we have this kind of protagonist..

And one last note:



– Serenata


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