Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 13+14 (The End of the Shop Tournament+The Fearsome Undead! A Granblue Deck!)

It’s the end of the shop tournament! Yep, seriously. It was a good fight nevertheless :)

Sad to see you go...Adieu~


Episode 13 (The End of the Shop Tournament)

Kamui and Aichi are awed by Kai’s win against Misaki, but soon snap back to their own duel. After a dragged and long, hard duel, Kamui wins. Aichi is sad at first but gets over it after watching the final match of the Shop Tournament. Cheers to the end of our protagonist’s first tournament!

However, Nitta reveals good news: the last four finalists are chosen to enter into the regional tournament as representatives of Card Capital. (There’s actually three representatives and one of them as a back-up.)

Left to right: Misaki, Aichi, Kamui, Kai

Episode 14 (The Fearsome Undead! A Granblue Deck!)

Aichi recalls his time at the shop tournament and Kamui introduces another card shop to him. However, there are doubts about a certain “she” causing Kamui to be rather stressed.

Kamui? You look stressed. *sadistic face*

Anyhow, Aichi and Kamui arrive at the card shop called Card Shop Handsome. Last year’s regional champions were representatives from this card shop.

Um...nice shop name? ^^"

The two meet those champions. The leader is named Gouki Daimonji and his little sister, Nagisa, happens to be obsessed infatuated with Kamui. Gouki also just so happens to be VERY overprotective of her.

This is Nagisa... (LOL at the note)

I remember when a certain relative of mine said was not pretty -___-

Kamui tries to clear things up with Nagisa by confessing that he is actually in love with someone else…Well, the thing is: Gouki gets the wrong idea due to Kamui’s stuttering.

Foreshadowing of a misunderstanding

Here it comes...

One way or another, Gouki and Aichi start a cardfight. Due to Gouki’s skills as a regional champion, Aichi loses. Because of this defeat, Aichi resolves to be stronger than Gouki. However, the episode ends with…

Oh dear…thank you Kamui for that wonderful end. Try not to get raped beat up by Nagisa! ^^

Next Episode Preview:

“Thrilling?! Emi’s First Fight!”

Judging from the preview, Emi is given a deck of her own and battles against Morikawa…That would just be pitiful if Morikawa lost against Emi…^^”

Seems like Emis deck is similar to Misakis...

Until next time!


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