Dog Days Ep 2 (My First Battle!)

Battles are actually kind of fun, that is, if you’re flexible and acrobatic enough, then the arena is yours ;)

And some sort of winning spirit as well ^^

Episode Summary:

Shinku pawns his battles, doing rather wonderfully with his acrobatics and evading techniques.

Even his opponents are awed o__o

Shinku finally reaches a female knight named Eclair.

I like her ears~

Eclair teaches Shinku the ways of a Seal Spell called the “Seal Cannon”. Seal Spells uses the energy that is hidden in the skies and grounds of Flognarde, enabling Shinku to manipulate it into many shapes. The most commonly known and used spell is the “Seal Cannon”. Shinku is able to activate his Seal Cannon successfully the first time.

Eclairs and Shinkus Seal Cannon interwined

Finally, the princess-

Ahem, well…Leonmichelle enters the battle and heads straight towards Biscotti’s last line of defense. Of course, Shinku and Eclair are there to stop her.


While the two are having a fight amongst themselves, Leonmichelle activates “Lion King Round Seal: Gigantic Explosion”, a powerful explosion (though there are also friendly fire casualties -___-“)

Shinku and Eclair are able to escape the explosion and they ambush Leonmichelle, causing her to surrender. For once, the Republic of Biscotti wins and the Gallete Lions retreat.

As the people of Biscotti celebrate their victory, Shinku asks if he can go home…

Well, the thing is: HE CAN’T.

Poor child...

Once a hero is summoned, that hero CANNOT return or make any sort of contact to his/her original world. The episode ends with this piece of bad news; how will our lovely little protagonist, Shinku Izumi, live now?

Next Episode Preview:

“I Want to Go Home! I Can’t Go Home? Hero in Flognarde!”

Until next time!


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