FIRST IMPRESSION – Deadman Wonderland 01: One man versus the world.

11. The agony. People who watch this must be sadists.

Unlike its manga counterpart, the anime of Deadman Wonderland cuts straight to the chase. Three minutes into the episode and blood’s already spilling – I like ;D But damn Manglobe’s censorship; this is nothing but the beginning. How will they proceed with the rest of the series, particularly when conspiracies and other gruesome scenarios arise? Then again, will they even go that far? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


1. Holograms!

The protagonist, Ganta.

7. No, it's not poor quality. It's just fast!

8. And BOOM!

9. Sigh, the censorship.

As Ganta Igarashi and his classmates plan for a class trip to Deadman Wonderland, a privately owned prison that also serves as an amusement park, an ominous red man appears. The said man – that is, if he is even human – slaughters Ganta’s entire class but spares Ganta…but not without forcing a mysterious red stone into Ganta’s chest. Overwhelmed with shock, Ganta blackouts and awakes to find that he’s been charged with mass murder. Due to the doctored evidence against him and no way to prove his innocence, Ganta is sentenced to death and goes to Deadman Wonderland. There, he befriends Shiro, an albino, and is nearly killed when his hatred and desire for revenge against the red man activates his ‘powers’. He successfully saves Shiro and himself whilst elsewhere, references to ‘candy’ foreshadow the truth of the death penalty.

12. The bloody stone.

13. After such an event, and the fact that he's not tied, means he's at the hospital not the mental institute.

15. The fraud video.

16. He's smiling, SMILING ~

Hes fucking smiling.

17. Deadman Wonderland; rather than an amusement park, its more like a creepy circus.

21. And she couldn't care less.

22. Ouch.

Women know no mercy in Deadmen Wonderland.

23. There he is! The ped- I mean, fcked and creepy man!

24. Shirooooooo!!!! The classic Albino.


26. Go Shiro-chan!

28. See, not your dodgy, typical tomato juie.

29. So blurry.

30. Time of death.

The death penalty.

33. Ambiguous

Ambiguous much?


As with most anime, I’m curious to how far Deadman Wonderland will proceed in comparison to its manga. It’s not hard to figure that someone is clearly plotting against Ganta, or better, using him. His supposed death in this episode was obviously intentional and on Tamaki’s behalf. We can expect to see Tamaki as the antagonist from here onwards; he’s almost ever unchanging, smiling face and that dancing sunflower of his means no good. Never trust men with dancing sunflowers. Ever. On a side note, Tamaki smiles almost as if he were QB. QB has no need for dancing sunflowers. His presence alone can kill.

Disregarding QB and dancing sunflowers, I must say Manglobe has a tendency to choose some of the most intriguing songs. Let’s think back to Ergo Proxy – “Kiri” by MONORAL and “PARANOID ANDROID” by Radio Head were classics, along with the anime itself. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the Emissary of Death or the Goth girl who wielded guns, Re-l Mayer. Then there’s Samurai Champloo and The World God Only Knows – oh god, I can’t even begin to choose my favourite songs. Both series had the longest soundtracks, heck, God Only Knows’ full opening went for 8 minutes plus.

To be honest, I was rather surprised when I heard NIRGILIS playing in the ED of Deadman Wonderland. I hadn’t originally bothered with the trailers, not after my sad experience with Togainu no Chi, so I wasn’t aware that Manglobe had chosen “SHINY SHINY”. I’m glad they did as I’ve been in love with NIRGILIS since I heard “Snow Kiss” from D.Gray Man and Acchu’s voice just won me over. It’s cute and definitely different.

As for the OP, I’m only hoping that it’ll be jaw-dropping. Judging from DW’s promo, “One Reason” by fade is not my cup of tea but perhaps Manglobe’s graphics will prove otherwise? Oh, and let’s not forget DW’s graphics, another thumbs up in the series. I can already tell that the action is bound to awe the fans, with Carnival Corpse and whatnot. I was already squirming in my seat when the Wretched Egg appeared and massacred everyone. The only bummer in this series would be Ganta’s inexperience, which unlike Keima from Kaminomi, he’s a protagonist who has to hone his fighting skills overtime.

Another thing: Manglobe really outdid themselves with their choices of seiyuu. Paku Romi as Ganta, Hanazawa Kana as Shiro and Suwabe Junichi as Tamaki?! Now I’m damn curious as to how Hanazawa will voice Shiro later into the story.

I guess in the end, it all comes down to patience for the fans.


Plot: A
Characters: B
Graphics: A+
Music: A+
Overall: B+

– Serenata


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3 Responses to FIRST IMPRESSION – Deadman Wonderland 01: One man versus the world.

  1. A pretty good first episode, I thought. I’m actually most curious about Shiro at this point. Ganta was a tad to emotional for a lot of the episode, and I liked it better when he just went numb. It felt a little more believable then. But yeah, looks like fun times ahead. Next episode should be interesting since the fights start then.

    • Ditto. Though personally I’m more interested with how Hanazawa will voice Shiro later into the anime, if it ever gets as far as the manga.

      I’m not surprised that Ganta lacked self-control in this episode; I would too if I were framed for having massacred 29 people. He’s practically on the verge of death – I don’t think that’s something to be calm about. But yes, Romi did a brilliant job with her voice acting! It made Ganta all the more realistic and emotional.

      Can’t wait for the action! More so when it gets even more deadly and serious ;D

  2. jj says:

    this anime can be as good as death note if more episode would be release and more powers for ganta

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