[First Impressions] Maria†Holic: Alive EP 1 – The Forbidden Women’s Dorm


Thank you Studio SHAFT for making a second season! I’m pretty sure all the fans are just as excited as I am.

I’ve watched quite a few anime series made by SHAFT such as Bakemonogatari, Negima, Arakawa Under the Bridge and many more, and I must say, they do a great job. Though my thoughts and opinions from vary time to time, I have high expectation for Maria†Holic: Alive.

For starters, I think that the first episode was done rather well with reintroducing everyone into the crazy world of Kanako and her friends as they go through the Forbidden Women’s Dorm.

The characters are exactly the same as the first season and full of gags of fun and evil. In my opinion, this episode was pretty good for opening a new series. Not the awkward kind, thankgod.

Best maid ever!

Sachi Momoi!




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