[First Impression] A Channel Ep 1: ‘Suki’ (Love An April Day)

Girls: ... =_____=;;

NO! ITS ANOTHER YUI! Jokes jokes; this one’s slightly more clever… Scratch that. The other one was smarter.

Summary: Ah, the classic school entry selection poster. Why not visit to a very good friend? Here’s 3 reasons why.

1) They might be busy with something else *HINT HINT*

2) Bad impressions on his/her friends.

3) Their friends may tease you (that is, calling you short or unintentionally noting how you have big breasts).

Boob slap?


Tooru now starts school with Run-chan and because of  the very very clumsy and vulnerabe to get involved with accidents Run, Tooru arrives with a baseball bat. As to why, take a quick look below.

The episode finishes off with the oh-so-cute Tooru being what you could say molested/suffocated/harassed(?) by Yuuko and Nagi-chan. They go drink tea after school. Sound suspicious much?

And within the massive timeskip was just basically a character introduction. So here’s the character personality profiles in comparison to those of K-ON!


Yuuko:MASOCHIST. Not necessarily enjoys it… however takes it once inflicted (Also: the scared side of Mio + the violence inflicted on Ritsu)


Tooru: SADIST. Inflicts pain on Yuuko due to, well…big breasts and being tall along with yuri moments with Run. (Also: the violent side of Mio + the brains and sweets of Azusa)

No Matter what you say, this is a YUI.

Run: You could say a much less intellectual version of Hirasawa Yui and much much much more clumsier.

Note: Yuuko is being molested

Nagi: Ritsu with out the inflicted violence and the Mugi in the friendship position and the whole weight-loss situation. Also the looks of Sawa-chan (without the pigtails).

This episode was basically a character introduction plus a tad bit of implied yuri. Not much plot, story line etc. To me, its another version of K-ON but with crappier graphics.


I’m a bit disappointed seeing virtually no plot however I hope that Run’s intellect shall hopefully improve by a little and be less dependent on Tooru. Yuuko may probably be less vulnerable later on…but then again, that would make it boring. Let’s keep it how it is :D


Plot: 3/10 At the moment there’s none. However this is solely judging from this episode (is subject to change).

Graphics: 7/10 Honestly, I do not like the character drawings. Their face are rather square.

Music: 9/10 Very suitable for this anime ~

Overall:  6.5/10 

Next Episode Preview:

< sarcasm> No I dont think you would be in the next episode~ <sarcasm>



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