[First Impression] Hidan no Aria: The Girl

Well, you see.. most of the action was too quick. Even for my computer.

Kick-ass action in the first 30 seconds BULL$#*! 

First off, I honestly did not like the narration in this nor did I like the over exaggerated tsundere girl. But nevertheless, here goes with the episode synopsis~


Tooyama Kinji (AKA. Kin-chan) answers the door, only to be met with his childhood friend Shirayuki. Her moe-ness plus her black laced bra and big shiny boobs, puts our protagonist in quite the uneasy state. She prepares all of his highschooler’s needs from a lunchbox to a bulletproof blazer, loaded hand guns and a pocket knife. Just the usual, ’cause you know, in case there’s a murderer on the loose. Definitely normal, yeah?

Due to being distracted for a period of time, Kinji loses track of time and misses the 7:58am school bus, thus forced to ride his bike which just so happens to have a bomb and an evil robotic gun(?) stalking it. If he stops, the bomb will explode. If he slows down, the bomb will explode. If he calls for help, the bomb will explode. If he jumps off, the robot will shoot him…and the bomb will still explode. So in general, the bomb will explode.

That is, of course until the mysterious girl from before jumps out of the sky and rescues him and so forth.

Kinjis scientific report on bra enhancements.

Whilst recovering from a black-out, Kin-chan realises that the uber kawaii girl, Aria, has rescued him from the exploding bomb, and is lying on top of him. Her shirt is lifted up, revealing her under garments and her sleepy face just above his. Nervous breakdown? Not ’til he discovers the 65 A→B tag. (Report plus Happiness graph is shown above)

Hes happy ;P

Aria awakens, attacks Kin-chan then seven evil robots return to kill them and… Kin-chan is excited again ~

"Rest here, Hime-sama. I will protect you."

Having to deal with seven murderous robots, unexpectedly the ‘pervert’ plays ‘prince’. ALTER EGO ALERT! So the guy that has been protected by the girl, decides to protect the girl with his ‘kakkoi’ playersharp shooting skills. And our Kin-chan is officially too good for the little middle school-er.

Told you it blurred. Thats how fast the kick-ass action was :D

Kinchan:“I’m a second year high school student. There’s no way I’d hit on a so much younger middle-schooler.

Outraged by such an insult, as she happens to also be a second year high schooler, Aria fiercely attacks.

Facing each other yet again in class, rumours involving the two spread and the yet again, our easily-angered female tries to shoot everyone.

I would be too if I pretended to hit on a girl who ended up being my master D:

The episode ends with Kin-chan being surprised by Aria’s sudden declaration of him to be his slave.

LIKE! Bet you any money they will be involved with each other sooner or later. A few of the only things I don’t like is  Shirayuki’s (the black haired girl) and Aria’s voice. It reminds me so much of those purikura booths. Well, I guess we will be seeing them alot in this series…*sigh*


Plot: 7/10 I don’t really see too much of a plot other than to stop the Butei Killers but seeing as this is supposed to be ecchi, it’s acceptable.
Graphics: 8.5/10 HIGH QUALITY! They’ve done a good job~
Music: 7/10 Would’ve preferred different rock or maybe techno seeing as they are assassins and such. The ED was alright. OP wasn’t to my standards.
Overall: 7.5/10

Next Episode Preview:



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4 Responses to [First Impression] Hidan no Aria: The Girl

  1. This shows got boobs and guns; now if only they fixed the heroine’s persona, Hidan no Aria would be awesome. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be one of those overly exaggerated tsundere girls who turn violent when embarrased, like Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Oh wait – she already is. Er…I have wavering hopes and doubts for this series.

  2. baka-neko says:

    I would be . but unfortunately she is like a … violent pink miku who happens to be an assassin with guns and swords hidden in her uniform. and miniature breasts ofcourse.

  3. baka-neko says:

    it’s knda funny how those girls usually have reallysmall breasts and theguys are always like … TURN OFF. until elsewise?

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