Gosick Ep 6-13

I’m taking over! Gosick is one of my followed anime so might as well blog about it. ^^ Since this is an eight-episodes-in-one review, I’ll keep the summaries short.

Victorique has been waiting...

Episode Summary:

Episode 6 (The Gray Wolf Summons a Compatriot)

With knowledge from a newspaper article, Victorique sneaks out of the Academy to attend a summer solstice festival in the “Village of the Gray Wolves”. Kujou tags along and discovers that Victorique has traveled to the festival in order to unravel the mysterious murder of the Former Elder Theodore which Victorique’s mother, Cordelia Gallo, supposedly committed.

Victorique's mother, Cordelia Gallo

Episode 7 (A Divine Revelation is Given at the Summer Solstice Festival)

Victorique enters the village with Kujou and several other tourists. She continues to search for clues to her mother’s mystery but mayhem occurs when two of three tourists are killed. One is accidentally burned to death in one of the festival rituals while the other is shot by the Village Chief…accidentally.

The second of the two dead men

Episode 8 (Howling Echoes From the Kingdom of the Past)

Victorique finally finds the real murderer of Theodore. It was the (slightly insane) maid, Harminia, who killed the elder simply because he predicted that she would die at the age of twenty-six. Though originally intended for execution, Harminia is set free by Ambrose, one of the villagers as well as her admirer. This proves to be a grave mistake as Harminia starts to burn the whole village. But before she can burn the bridge connecting the village to the rest of the world, Victorique and Kujou escape. Another mystery has ended and Victorique and Kujou return home to Sauville.

The classical portrayal of a woman with some mental issues?

Episode 9 (Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store)

With Victorique sick with the fever, Kujou travels to Saubreme to buy a souvenir known as a blue rose diamond paperweight for his older sister. Kujou spots a blue rose diamond in a certain store but is kicked out by two adults. The two adults state that the blue rose diamond paperweight can be sold at a stationary department in the second floor. There, Kujou discovers a girl hidden in a box who tells Kujou to call the police. When Kujou comes back with the police, the girl is nowhere to be found. Of course, Kujou calls Victorique. Midway, the call is cut off as Kujou is taken away by an unknown carriage.

Episode 10 (Girl With A Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend)

Kujou meets the girl that he met at the stationary department once again. With her help and a small homeless boy with a good memory, Kujou is able to get the police to work on the case. Kujou is able to get in contact with Victorique again who explains the paperweight and the girl. The blue rose diamond that Kujou encountered with was real and the demons that the girl spoke of were actually people auctioning for captured girls like her. Kujou and Grevil unveil the culprit’s crimes with Victorique’s plan.

The auction after the police arrive

Episode 11 (The Drill Speaks Eloquently of Love)

Grevil receives a phone call from his father who reminds him to look over his little sister. We then see two women trying to call a carriage, who of whom wa from the previous episode. Kujou inquires the woman’s relationship with Grevil and it turns out the woman’s name is Jacqueline and Victorique states that Grevil has a childhood crush on her. Though Jacqueline is oblivious to this, she is also the cause of Grevil’s drill hair. Several years ago, Jacqueline was named as a suspect in a murder case. Grevil had asked Victorique to solve the case for him, resulting in Victorique’s request to have Grevil wax up his hair like a drill.


and BAM! After...

Episode 12 (Listening to the Voice of the Cicadas on a Summer Afternoon)

A filler episode about Kujou’s childhood in Japan and Kujou’s older brother challenging Victorique with “challenging” mind games.

Episode 13 (He Who Is His Own Lawyer Has a Fool For a Client)

Long ago, an alchemist named Leviathan was favored by the Queen to produce gold for the Kingdom from the Philosopher’s Stone and provide advice in counseling the kingdom of Saubere and eventually inducing jealousy from the King. The King ordered the death of Leviathan, however, Leviathan did not die.

How Leviathan supposedly looked...

In the present day, Victorique finds the book of Leviathan and decides to solve his mystery. Leviathan states that he feels guilty for killing an innocent soul, Ian, who was the son of the Captain of Guards. Therefore, he will continue murdering people until someone can “save him”. If nobody does, he will continue to haunt the school tower (where his laboratory was located) and murder relentlessly.The episode ends when Victorique travels out of her botanical garden and is held by an unknown figure.

Even Victorique looks frightened o_O

Favorite Scene:

I actually really liked the scene where Grevil asked Victorique to solve the case for him. It cleared quite a few mysteries for me…

An obvious question from a little girl who has never felt love

Next Episode Preview:

“A Malicious Frill is Censuring the Farting Newt”

Ummmm…nice title? -____-

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