FINAL IMPRESSION – Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 9 – 12

15. Beautiful. Purely beautiful.



Having passed the awkward stage, Kimi Ni Todoke’s last four episodes present nothing but romantic bliss for our favourite couple – and for us as well. To be honest, I was reluctant to finish this anime as one, I had lost the motivation and excitement to do so, and two, schoolwork kept on piling – still is – though it’s more of the former. But boy am I glad I did in the end – it was just so beautiful! A masterpiece!

Officially complete, both seasons one and two – and I doubt they’ll come back with a three – Kimi Ni Todoke is undeniably one of my favourite anime of all times – my favourite shoujo anime so far, to be exact. I had a hunch season 2 would end at 13 or less episodes (once again, I hadn’t searched ANN) seeing as there wasn’t much to animate and not without having to delve the plot into more problematic situations and/or a less favourable end. Moreover, what better way to end a rom-com than to have its ultimate supposed couple become boyfriend and girlfriend? For once I am pleased with how things ended. It was indeed the perfect ending, one of which didn’t stray from the original manga like that of Claymore or Kuroshitsuji.

Sawako is a character whom I’ll never ever forget – her pros and cons, her whole persona, were all loveable till the very last second. And Kurumi – do excuse me as I grab a tissue. Kurumi, like Kent, was a fundamental character to the series. Though the fans may or may not have liked her – I for one originally didn’t – I’m sure we all we came to love her in the end. Behind that spoiled princess-like attitude of hers, she was a good person (if that’s the right description) – a girl who was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her loved oe. And Kent! Let’s not forget the flamboyant blonde. Though the anime hadn’t made him as pitiful as the manga, I forgave the guy’s insensitivity in the end. Sawako and Kazehaya got together, and you ought to admit, it was all thanks to Kent.

Season two was brilliant. Unlike its predecessor, everything was – and felt – so much more emotional and complete, as Sawako at last confessed to Kazehaya this season. Whilst the ending to season one was bittersweet, season two’s was fantastic. The plot was simple, really simple, and stretched towards the end but enjoyable nevertheless. All in all, the graphics were brilliant; the romance was brilliant; the comedy, music, characters and story were brilliant! There was little to hate about the show.


Plot: C+
Characters: A+
Graphics: A
Music: A+
Overall: B+

4. The Wall.

The Wall.

5. Ka-wai-i ~

6. Ryuu can't lie.


- nosebleeds -

8. KYAA ~

9. Joe, you baka!

11. For the first time, the fans are angry at the comedic relief.

14. Uh oh...those eyes of admiration again.

16. OMG, Ryuu looks like Crayon Shin-chan!

It's Crayon Shin-chan!

17. Tomorrow.

1. Tomorrow...


3. Just making sure it ain't a ghost...

Just making sure it's human.

5. Kazehaya and bobby pins! ;O

6. UWAH ~

From scary to pretty ;D


Kazehaya: I like you!

11. Yano and Chizu.

12. Kento and buddy.


...Is that Kurumi I see?

13. Surprise, surprise ~

15. Beautiful. Purely beautiful.

16. It's like a dream ~

17. I love you more than anyone else.

1. It's okay, otou-san!

3. Sneak a peek.

Embarrassment kills.

4. LMAO!

5. And the best face goes to Kazehaya!

And the best facial expression award goes to...Kazehaya!

7. LOL! It's like a wedding ceremony...or love shrine.


Kazehaya: (over-voiced by Pin) Please marry me!


11. What the fck do you think your doing Pin...

13. Let me think about it = Let me fantasize.

14. C-Couples!

COUPLES!...Sort of?

15. T-That's strawberry timeeee D;

17. Trolololol

1. The long awaited end.

The approaching end.

2. Shoo shoo!

Pin: What's with this flowery aura? Shoo shoo!

3. Kurumi ~

4. It's ok Chizuru, it's ok.

5. D;

6. It's ok, it's ok.

7. TToTT Kurumi ~

8. I'm glad my rival was you Sawako.

Kurumi: I'm glad my rival was you Sawako.

9. ...

10. Hehe.

A new love?

11. Ryuu; I like you.

Ryuu: I like you.

12. Kawaii~


Sniff sniff. Sayonara ~

– Serenata


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6 Responses to FINAL IMPRESSION – Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season Ep. 9 – 12

  1. Blacksun88 says:

    need ova for chizuru and ryu path ^^

    • They do! The manga is beginning to delve into it now, and with Yano-chin too though I have no idea who she’s meant to end up with. Pin? Kent? Ugh – there aren’t any clues! D;

  2. baka-neko says:

    Uwahhh! *SLAP* HOW DARE YOU NOT TELL ME TO WATCH THIS EARLIER. *sniff* they didn’t even kiss….


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