Starry Sky Ep 17+18 (Virgo I+II)

The vice president of Seigetsu Student Council and born into a family of prestigious musicians, give it up for Hayato Aozora! ^^

Episode 17 (Virgo I)

Though born into a family of talented musicians, Hayato, however, lacked musical talent. As his older brother and sister were more skilled, his famous parents dedicated to pay more attention them and disregarded Hayato’s existence.

Hayato eventually enrolls into Seigetsu Academy. He begins to play the piano in an empty room and happens to captures the interest of Kazuki-kaichou, whom appoints Hayato as the student council vice president. Because of this, Hayato gains many new friends, including the Baka Trio of the Archery Club and Tsukiko herself.

Inukai, one of the Baka Trio

Episode 18 (Virgo II)

Hayato is getting used to his Student Council life. One day, Hayato hears a loud boom outside of the school. When he peers out the window, he can see the rest of the Student Council surrounding an exploded object.

LOL Still gotta love Hayato for his pestering grandma behavior xD

It turns out to be another of Tsubasa’s failed inventions. Through a slip of tongue, Tsubasa reveals that the invention was intended to be a surprise for Hayato’s birthday.

Yep, pretty sure that Tsubasa forgot the meaning of "surprise" ^^"

Hayato is touched and he remembers the neglect that he received from his parents. He’s now thankful that he has his awesome friends to be with.

Hayato Close-up Pt 1

Hayato Close-Up Pt 2

LOL Hayato Close-Up Pt 3


I’ll honestly give my opinion: if you like older brother/caring figures, you’ll absolutely love Hayato. But despite this anime supposedly be a reverse harem, some of the “love interests” don’t spare much interest or attention to the main female protagonist Tsukiko.

In my opinion, the best characters would be Kazuki, Homare, Kanata, and possibly Iku. All the other love interests so far seemed as if they had either too much attention to Tsukiko or their personal life. One or the other. Hardly both. Personally I like the interests who not only had interactions with Tsukiko but also problems with their life that affected themselves and Tsukiko in some way. For example, Hayato isn’t show to have many interactions with Tsukiko and focuses way too much on his musical background. Clearly this anime never had the intention on providing a definite ending or arc; I’m disappointed.

Art from Starry Sky ~in Sweet Season~

Next Episode Preview:

“Libra I+II”

Ohhh, it’s Hoshizuki-sensei! A hot but lazy doctor.

Yep, he looks lazy alright...and sleepy ^^"

Until next time!


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