The World God Only Knows II 02: No two people are the same.

27. YAY!

Short lived at only two episodes, we bid farewell to Kusunoki and welcome Haqua!


I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

2. Violent women crisis.

3. Well, that's new.

From the slap to a punch mark?

Despite being embarrassed, Kusunoki is determined to draw her feminine side out. As she and Keima fail to connect with one another on their date, the two decide to do the most romantic thing they can think of: sharing an ice cream. Kusunoki’s other self appears and the two Kusunoki(s) battle for dominance. Keima eventually brings an end to the war of Kusunoki’s femineity vs masculinity as he suggests Kusunoki to be both – cute yet strong. Keima and Kusunoki share a kiss, though rather forcibly, and Elsie captures another loose soul. All is well till dorodoro and Haqua appears!

4.'re a good for nothing but you're so damn cute.

Elsie, you're good for nothing but you're so damn cute ;O

6. Reminds me of Kuro when Ciel was crossdressing and facing that...creepy blonde.

God however, is not pleased.

5. VWC sympton 2.

7. Fish net to capture ghosts...

Ghost capture net?

8. Arcade time ~

To the arcade! Date: fail.

8. Movie time ~ FAIL.

And the movies! Date: fail.

10. Old school romantic couple.

11. Kami-sama can't take it.

13. SO KUTE!

Keima...if only you didn't look so feminine.


15. I can see the ending!

Keima: I can see the ending!

18. This will protect you! ...Probably.

Elsie: This will protect you! ...Probably :)

21. Ouch, double the menace.

22. The cute can kill.

23. ;D

24. Nearly there.


26. Kiss kiss!

27. YAY!


28. Haqua has a cute seriyuu whaaa



Not much excitement this episode save for a few rom-com moments and Elsie’s kawaii-ness – that good for nothing; she’s too darn cute. Other than that, episode 02 was slow-paced with little development between our player-kun and gender-confused Kusunoki. Really, the man was gaming on his PFP, again, throughout the most of their date. What an epically weird but awesome character.

I found the “sharing an ice cream” scenario somewhat exaggerated but considering it was Keima and Kusunoki, both of whom are almost inexperienced with intimacy moreover between themselves, I suppose it was alright. I did like the fact that the ice cream was shining though ;D

12. Sparkling ice cream...

And Haqua has at last made her debut! I had thought she would appear much earlier in the episode but Kusunoki’s time in the spotlight made it rather impossible – that is, till the very end. Her seiyuu, Hayami Saori (who’s starred in Sekirei as Musubi, Ore no Imouto as Ayase, Wako from Star Driver and much more) surprised me there with her cute voice as I originally had a more…tougher voice in mind considering her tsundere-ness and violent character.

But like they say, the cute can kill (cough, Elsie) so Saori will probably sound evil one way or another.

– Serenata


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