Dog Days Ep 3+4 (I Want to Go Home! I Can’t Go Home? Hero in Flognarde!+Charge! Princess Recovery Battle!!)

Oh dear; our hero is in trouble…

Episode Summary:

Episode 3 (I Want to Go Home! I Can’t Go Home? Hero in Flongarde!)

As its title suggests, our dear hero can’t go home. While the scientists of Biscotti (or more specifically, Millihiore’s childhood friend and Chief Researcher of the National Research School of Biscotti, Ricotta “Rico” Elmar) are figuring out a way, Shinku takes a tour around Biscotti with Eclair as Princess Millihiore attends to the after-battle preparations and a concert.

The marketplace of Biscotti

During the tour, Eclair explains the process of a battle and other wars that connect to it. After the tour, Shinku is told to take a bath and due to his inability to understand the Flognarde language, he enters the ladies’ restroom…which Millihiore happens to be inside).

*awkward moment*

Millihiore rushes outside. Shinku is about to bathe when he hears the princess’s scream. Outside, Shinku can see three females holding Millihiore captive. They announce that their “Gaul-sama” challenges Shinku to a duel. Shinku agrees to the duel…

Episode 4 (Charge! Princess Recovery Battle!!)

The girls leave along with their hostage, Millihiore. Eclair beats the crap out of Shinku with a kick scolds Shinku for accepting the challenge. She explains that accepting the challenge will lead to a war.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I call: PWNAGE xD

Gaul is actually the brother of Leonmichelle and plans to duel Shinku since hearing the defeat of his sister and the rumors of similar acrobatic fighting skills.

This is Gaul Galette de Rois

As they only have one hour and a half before Millihiore’s concert starts, Shinku, Eclair, and Rico head to the battle. Shinku and Eclair proceed forward as Rico stays behind. Shinku and Eclair battle it out with Gaul’s army while reinforced with Rico’s artillery.

Artillery Specialist, Ricotta "Rico" Elmar

Once inside the fortress, Rico’s artillery proves worthless as friendly fire would occur and Rico herself is surrounded by Gallette forces. The fighting duo seem hopeless until more reinforcements arrive. Countess d’Arquien and Yukikaze Panettone are elite veteran freelance knights of the Biscotti army who have been called on by Eclair’s brother, Lolan.

This is the famous Countess d'Arquien

Eclair is held back by the girls who kidnapped Millihiore, leaving Shinku to infiltrate the castle. As Shinku enters, he faces Gaul and the episode ends…

The fight ensues...

Next Episode Preview:

“Fierce Battle! Mion Fortress!”

The previews are actually really cute as well ^^

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