Maria Holic Alive ep 2: Playing the Immoral Game / Secret Reception / The Reward of Shame.


It is raining hard at Ame no Kisaki leaving all the girls with nothing to do. Ryūken Ishima suggest they play a game of cards called the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a game made by Paola Magani, a foreign exchange student from Italy.

The game is simple; someone reads the information card and you have to match it up with the corresponding warlord. Basically a mix-and-match game. After their try at the Romance of the Three Kingdoms everyone suddenly starts pulling out their own games out of nowhere.

In the second part of the episode, not much productivity goes on – just Kanako complaining about her having to clean the room by herself and having Mariya and Matsurika not caring what so ever.

Kanako and her friends notice that Nanami Kiri replaced her lenses with glass instead of plastic as a way of rewarding herself..this then leads to a triangle-head screwdriver..

No, this isn't weird at all..


Wow, is all I have to say, with at triangular tipped screwdriver as a reward for a girl…is perfectly fine.

I didn’t exactly like this episode, more that I kind of found it a bit uninteresting since it was all really just talking and stuff. Nevertheless I will soldier on and continue watching it!


Palpitation of Desire

Strangely there isn’t a preview…



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