Happy -belated- Birthday to our Buchou!

KAMPAI! お誕生日おめでとうブーチョ! 2nd of May marks SilentSerenata’s birthday! (and also The Otaku’s Blog’s 5th month Anniversary!) ~ DOUBLE CELEBRATION! ~ We’ve been alive for so long~ *tears of joy*

As our young master turns 16, WE SHALL BOMBARD HER WITH VIDEOS!!
(It’s a tradition.)

Staff Dedication Vids~

Yui's impression of Mugi. Do you see the resemblance?

Yui Hirasawa Tributes
The Episodes of Stupidity ~

Jakka Jan ~ ♫


Finally, the moe ♥

One more thing. This time, it’s actually ME GIVING CAKE *hmph* >_>
Oh, and await your somewhat late gifts (:



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Candy please ~ ;3
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16 Responses to Happy -belated- Birthday to our Buchou!

  1. Happy birthday!! (Albeit a little belated) ┌iii┐ ε-(・ε・´)

  2. Valence says:

    Happy Birthday, eh?

    One less year to death!

  3. baka-neko says:

    btw. please do take time to visit the jakka jan vids (:

  4. Ruby says:

    YAY HAPPY SWEET 16TH! ^_^ hope you get lots of presents and cakes~ ;D

  5. jacqivarius says:

    Happy Birthday. I’m too tired to say much more. Five end of the year projects + exams all in the span of two weeks. I’m about ready to drop dead.

  6. lerorin says:

    otanjoubi omedetou~ :D

  7. Jo says:

    Hey Yo!! Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

    and ta-da!! Cookies for you…^^


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