Deadman Wonderland 02: Life or death – it’s your choice.

18. Simple - no candy equals dead in three days.

Candy is your life.

New to the game? Here, take a rulebook.


Not interested? Skip to Afterthoughts!

Ganta learns from a fellow inmate, Yō Takami, that in order to have a decent meal in the prison, he needs to earn Cast Points. He learns of a ‘Dog Race’ in which he can win a big prize, which he and Shiro decide to enter. In the lockerroom, they encounter a fierce inmate named Kazumasi Kouzuma who drives fear into the others until the warden silences him. Ganta soon learns that in order to avoid being killed by a poison, he needs to eat an antidote known as Candy, which was secretly stolen from his bag by Yō the other day. Ganta realises that in order to survive, he needs to win the race in order to purchase a new one, but he soon learns the course is littered with actual death traps. Thanks in part to Shiro’s innocent manner, Ganta and Shiro make it to the final stage against Kasumasi where they have to hold onto a ball and avoid falling into a spike pit. Ganta decides to stand up to Kazumasi, who eventually falls to his death. In the closing moments of the round, Ganta is forced to sacrifice the ball, and the prize money, in order to keep Shiro from falling and keep their promise of eating the runner up prize together.

– From Wikipedia (cause I’m lazy)

2. Sexy yet evil. Now she only needs her own show.

3. Red smoke does it all.

Smoke and blood does it all.

4. OPs were made to be awesome.

5. ;O!



8. Nawwwww

9. It's like a RPG! ...But more deadly.

CP = Cast Points

10. Suspicious alarm bells are ringing.

Dun dun dun.

11. The Race of Doom aka DOG RACE

12. BULLYING - shit happens all the time.

Shit happens.

13. More enthusiasm and you could be evil Ganta.

14. Tear-filled Ganta perspective. Epic.

15. Pshhhh, Shiro could easily defend herself.

16. The rules and the fools.

17. START!

19. SHADOWS. Told you so.

Shadowing character death...the classic censorship.

20. People are dead and dying...and the crowd is cheering. Makes you almost sick.



24. SHIROOOO NUUUUUU - haha just joking



Just joking. Teehee.

26. ;-;

Teary-Ganta camera perspective


…No, I did not add this just because I adore Noctis ( ´∀`)

DEADMAN WONDERLAND IS THE SHIT. An epic OP with epic graphics and epic theme song (surprisingly) – it’s definitely got that Manglobe feel to it like that of Samurai Champloo, The World God Only Knows and Ergo Proxy. But unlike the three, DW’s OP was much more punk, blood-splattered and smoky. Blood and smoke – have I not said enough?

I did, however, find Manglobe’s censorship a bit of a killer, not that I’m surprised. Graphically shadowing character deaths is understandable but beeps? Seriously? All of that oppressing intensity of when Ganta was being threatened by that macho dude felt as if it just went down the drain. OK, so perhaps I’m over-exaggerating but still, it doesn’t mean I like them. Beeps are just as bad as terrible character designs. A big “X” on the list. No, NO, nein, nada, non. N-O. Are there any other ways to spell the two-letter word?

And another thing. Deadman Wonderland’s BGM is epic. (Yes, as you can see, my dictionary is comprised of only ‘epic’ at the moment but I digress) Despite not knowing how to describe it – psychedelic rock? – I absolutely love DW’s BGM! It gives me the chills every time I hear it, not that’s scary, just that…that…it’s fucking original? It’s another one of those things which you either love or hate, the end of story.

Just as we all know that Ganta is being framed, Shiro should also be ringing our alarm bells. Her attire, especially her “collar”, is obviously different to everyone else’s…It’s about time to start questioning her origins and purpose, and hopefully the anime will delve into this later. (And I wish the manga would do so too…quickly) Since we saw that photo of child Shiro and Ganta together (in the ED), we can definitely say that the two share some kind of deep bond despite Ganta having no recollection of his past. Hmmm…

The cliff-hanger this episode was depressing yet not so. One, Ganta saved Shiro – bonus points there – and second, because of his sense of justice and friends-over-self attitude, Ganta will die. Great way to wrap up an episode though of course, our hero can’t die just yet…or at least, not till he’s suffered more.

Last but and not least…



– Serenata


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