Nico Nico Singer: ヲタみん (wotamin)

Born on 20th April 1987, ヲタみん (wotamin) is one of the most celebrated nico nico singers since her debut on NND (Nico Nico Douga). Her voice is brilliant – deep yet cute – and is the only singer who I reckon that has a suitable voice for covering GUMI. Wotamin also did a duet with clear under the name clewota, which was pure awesome! Without further delay, here’s a few videos of Wotamin, my 2nd favorite nico nico singer of all time.

Wotamin’s links:

Blog | Twitter | Mylist

「Yowamushi Mont Blanc」

「Just Be Friends -Piano ver.」
– A strong yet gentle voice, makes you want to cry…

「Proof of Life」 feat. Valshe

「Happy Synthesizer」
– While everyone else was busy finding a partner for this, Wotamin just pwned them with her voice. Her version is by far the greatest for this song, IMO.

「Straight Green」
– What’s unique about this song is the video was was designed esspecially for wotamin. Awesome eh?

「Calc -Piano ver.」

「GGRKS」 feat. Clear
– This two just perfect for each other no matter what. Sad now they rarely make duet.

「Suki Kirai」 feat. Kogeinu
– First, this is a seriously unexpected duet from the two. Second, without a doubt this duet is full of win!



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3 Responses to Nico Nico Singer: ヲタみん (wotamin)

  1. hai hai… saya mau tanya, saya masih bingung Utattemita itu apa sih? Beda nya Nico Nico Singer sama Nico Nico Douga apa?? ^^
    makasiih :3

  2. minoru says:

    We need more clewota!

  3. NeVa says:

    I love the song Just be friends <3

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