Dog Days Ep 5+6 (Fierce Battle! Mion Fortress!+The Fortune Telling Princess)

And we’re off to rescue our dear princess!

^^ That's the spirit! ;D

Episode Summary:

Episode 5 (Fierce Battle! Mion Fortress!)

Starting from where we were last left off, Leonmichelle joins the battle and duels Countess d’Arquein. Leonmichelle wins as the Countess surrenders…

It was a good fight :)

Afterwards, Leonmichelle intervenes the fight between Eclair and the Genovas (the three girls who kidnapped Millihiore). Meanwhile, Shinku and Gaul continue to fight over at their side. They go all out on each other until Shinku mentions that Millihiore needs to attend a concert, making Gaul regret his decision for kidnapping her.

So smart, Gaul...

The fight is brought to an end when Leonmichelle arrives at the scene. Millihiore is released and taken back to Biscotti with Shinku’s DRAGONBALL Z RUNNING FORCE cunning use of Seal energy.

In other words, the Super Hero Express ^^"

Millihiore is able to arrive exactly ten minutes before the concert starts and goes to performs on stage…

Everybody listens and all ends well ~

Episode 6 (The Fortune Telling Princess)

Shinku is begins to live his mundane life in Flognarde. He attends a reward ceremony:

Fights with Eclair:

Eclair's brother, Lolan, thinks that Shinku is the perfect groom for her >.<

Goes fishing with Countess d’Arquein:

...Sometimes, I have to remind myself that this IS a fantasy anime...

And attends dinner with Millihiore.

*awkward moment*

However, a secret is revealed through Leonmichelle’s “star-reading” power (hence the title “Fortune Telling Princess”):

Excelead's Master? Paladin's Master? O_o

WTF, this can't be true! Q.Q

Then, what are you? The magic mirror on the wall? xP

Now that’s a really bad cliffhanger >:[

Next Episode Preview:

“Declaration of War”



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