Ano Hana Ep 3+4 (Menma’s Search Party+White Ribbon Dress)

We’re off to find Menma’s wish! ^^

Menma, I highly doubt that

Episode Summary:

Episode 3 (Menma’s Search Party)

Poppo sees an apparition of a matured Menma.

The supposed "apparition of Menma"

Due to this encounter, Poppo announces a “Barbeque Menma Search Party” to the Peace Busters. Though reluctant at first, the whole gang arrives at their old meeting place. When Yukiatsu arrives, he states that he can see Menma as well.

Episode 4 (White Ribbon Dress)

When the others come back from looking for Menma, Yukiatsu says that Menma probably wanted the Peace Busters to not worry about her and get on with life.

Not always, Yukiatsu. Not always

Yukiatsu states that Jintan liked Menma too much and is obsessed with her, thus resulting in his hallucination. The next day, Tsuruko tells Jintan how to provoke Yukiatsu into revealing his version of Menma. Jintan tells Yukiatsu that his (Jintan’s) Menma says that Yukiatsu’s Menma is probably fake.

That night, Anaru, Tsuruko, Poppo, and Jintan meet at the old Peace Busters gathering place again. Poppo then spots the “ghost of Menma”. After running after the “apparition” Tsuruko suddenly yells out:

And the truth is revealed...

Truth is, Yukiatsu is the one who was obsessed with Menma. I think that he can’t forget about her as well ^^”

I find Yukiatsu to be a friend worth pitying

– sakuraXXyume


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