Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 15+16 (Thrilling?! Emi’s First Fight!+Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!)

After a short series of fillers, we at last reach the regional tournament ^^

Episode Summary:

Episode 15 “Thrilling?! Emi’s First Fight!”

As the title says, Emi is suddenly interested in Vanguard and cardfighting due to the influence of her brother’s obsession. Misaki lends Emi her deck so that she may experience her first duel, and with the loser Morikawa at that. This infuriates Kamui as he wanted to be the one to teach his beloved goddess, Emi, Vanguard.

LOLs at chibi Aichi ^^

WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH LOSE-UMI?? (Morikawa in Kamui language...>.>)

Even though Emi is a complete newb, she beats Morikawa with her interesting play style.

LOL I remember I used to do that in Duel Masters ^^"

R.I.P. Kamui... jks, jks ;D

Episode 16 (Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!)

Nitta takes Card Capital’s representatives (excluding Misaki who is busy with something else) to the regional championships. Card Capital’s team is named Team Quadrifoglio, which is Italian for “four-leaved clover”. When they arrive, Aichi finds out that Misaki cannot participate for the first round and he, as the alternative, must fight. Team Q4 is first against the “Three Blacks” team. Aichi fights against his opponent…

...PSH I knew that! ;)


Kurosawa is a “black magician” with a Kagero deck. The problem is: he has the exact same deck as Kai. Aichi is put in a pinch when his hand is depleted of cards and when his trump card, “Alfred, King of Knights” is only supported with 8000 power in his skill. Even worse, Aichi’s deck has a new card and he hasn’t even test-played it to see if it fits into his deck.

Let's see how Aichi gets out of this little pinch...

Next Episode Preview:

“New Allies!”

Up front is "Knight of Truth, Gordon" which is Aichi's new card

Until next time!


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