Watashi ni XX Shinasai! Vol. 3

This volume introduces a new character to the story – the classic B@#*H antagonist of a shoujo manga ^^ Let’s move onto to this time’s “missions” shall we?

This practically screams: FANSERVICE

Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 10 (Take Me on a Date!)

Yukina is curious about Shigure’s sudden request to make her fall in love with him. Therefore, Yukina strikes another deal with him. You guessed it:

In exchange for the “date”, Yukina will not let Akira ‘sleep over” at her place.  Yukina and Shigure go to the amusement park for their date, with Yukina still uncomprehending of the feeling to love someone. When Akira calls, Yukina spills the beans that she’s on a date with Shigure and that she’ll go home, thinking that the date was fruitless of results.

However, Shigure cuts the phone call and proceeds to kidnap hide Yukina from Akira. They hide in the park.

When Akira arrives and takes back Yukina, a mysterious girl arrives and appears to be acquainted with Shigure.


Back at Yukina’s home, Akira suddenly takes off Yukina’s glasses again, leaving Yukina vulnerable and weak.

Chapter 11 (I Want to Be With You Always)

Seeing that Yukina is traumatized by the loss of her glasses, Akira hands the glasses back and apologizes. Akira has flashbacks to when Yukina comforted him at the time of his parents’ death and saved him from getting hit by a truck.

AWWW Chibi Akira and Yukina are so CUTE~


Yukina saves the day!

Remembering their childhood memories, Akira confesses his love for Yukina once again. At school the next day, Shigure interrogates Yukina about Akira and her possible love for him. Just when Shigure is about to kiss Yukina, they hear a scream.

The classic ruin of the perfect romantic moment

They find that a student has fainted. Shigure leaves to take her to the infirmary. After interrogating a few students, Yukina finds out that the girl is named Mizuno, a childhood friend of Shigure. The chapter ends when Yukina sees Shigure genuinely smiling at Mizuno…

Chapter 12 (Carry Me Like a Princess)

After a few thoughts, Yukina concludes that Shigure has officially become:

Oh dear...

Shigure was her inspiration for her novel remember? Mundane heros are no good.

When Yukina tells Shigure that she no longer has any interest in him, Shigure flips and angrily tells her that he will not quit until he has made her fall in love with him. Yukina then tells Shigure to carry on with Mission 11: to carry her like a princess.

After Shigure completes the mission, he tells Yukina to never say that she is uninterested in him. Shigure leaves when his Student Council duty calls, and Yukina is suddenly confronted by Mizuno.

That smile sort of screams out: HYPOCRITE >_>

Chapter 13 (Bite the Nape of my Neck!)

Mizuno suddenly declares that she’ll support Yukina, but of course, Yukina just walks away with her cool demeanor. Mizuno suddenly starts annoying Yukina on and off classes and so in order to escape, Yukina then hides in a room with Shigure.

Luckily, the room is locked and there are no hindrances between them. While Mizuno is looking for Shigure, Yukina comes up with mission 12: bite the nape of her neck (her novel has a vampire in it)! Though Shigure is reluctant at first, Yukina provokes him with Akira.

I'm sorry to say but...this pic looks REALLY wrong...

After the deed, Mizuno (who happens to be outside) sadistically says:

My hate for Mizuno slowly started from this moment

Chapter 14 (Naughty Children Need to be Punished, Don’t They?)

Mizuno questions Shigure if he has become serious in the “game”. He instantly says no. However, Mizuno thinks otherwise and devises a plan…Mizuno tells  Akira of what happened in the room. Akira then takes Yukina to his classroom after classes. Mizuno and Shigure hide behind a podium as they listen to the cousins’ conversation.

Akira asks Yukina about the mark on her neck. Yukina nonchalantly admits it and Akira says that he, as a knight (relevant to the story), will kiss the “wound” to make it heal.

I was very ecstatic when Akira said that ^^

Of course, our wonderful little love interest will never let that pass… Shigure gets furious and runs off.

Chapter 15 (Stay by My Side For One Minute)

Shigure reverts back to his old fake self. One day, Mizuno tells Yukina it’s “game over”. Yukina is alone and suddenly has a bad dream about her and Shigure. When she wakes up, she sees Shigure.

That would be nice if I could wake up to a bishie every time I wake up...*^^*

Though it has nothing to do with her novel, Yukina tells him mission 13: stay with her for one minute. Shigure hugs her for the whole minute. After Shigure runs off (AGAIN TT_TT), Mizuno appears before Yukina and starts crying…


Chapter 15.5 (Extra Mission: Yukina’s Challenge To Be A Princess)

An extra chapter where Yukina suddenly wants to become like a princess due to the fact that she writes a cell phone novel about a princess. After a while, Akira gets tangled into the mess and the chapter ends when Yukina going to school with…a…princess’s hairstyle? o___o

Yukina as a "princess"

Akira as a princess...xD

Yukina's dad as a prince ^^




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  1. d’Awww. Chibi!Yukina and Chibi!Akira are so cute! (And very tiny).

    Hmph. I still can’t make up my mind about Mizuno though.

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