Maria Holic Alive EP 3: Palpitation of Desire

I like to eat dogs too (:

Wow, never thought Maria Holic would go this far… O_O


It’s Sunday and Kanako is still unable to find love (i.e. yuri love). So she intends to  move to the city where there’s a high chance of meeting flustered “office girls”…and with this in mind she changes into a rather ugly outfit and notices that her zip won’t close…Has she suddenly gained weight? Her mind leads her to think of Mariya Shidou – the cause of her sudden weight gain.

So… Kanako rants on and on about Mariya constantly offering her delicious-looking sweets and the amount of times the dorm supervisor and Ryuken had stopped by for them. IT’S DECIDED SHE WILL GO ONE A DIET! She comes up with her “secret weapon” called the Desert-style Diet! …which consists of eating dried shiitake mushrooms that supposedly release large amounts of saliva so the water in her body is reduced and therefore loss in weight. Reality strikes Kanako as her oh-so secret weapon fails.

She later goes and rapes Sachi for her marbles.

Days pass and Kanako hasn’t eaten for three days. Consequentially, she’s turned into a demon that tries to devour Yonakuni-san (who is a dog). In the end she is forced to lose weight the old fashion way by eating healthily and exercising. So boys and girls, the moral of the story is to not fall for those fad diets and just do it properly.


These looks delicious...

Hmm...Panty and Stocking much?

I want to call her cute but I can't...


WOAH! Maria Holic actually telling us to diet properly?! Usually it’s just random BS that doesn’t make sense. A very funny episode and my thoughts on the series has risen considerably, though I had positive thoughts about it from the start.

– Kimmichan

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