Starry Sky Ep 19+20 (Libra I+II)

Our final love interest from the ~in Autumn~ season, Hoshizuki Kotarou…

Episode Summary:

Episode 19 (Libra I)

Tsukiko enters the infirmary and finds our beloved interest…asleep on one of the beds. With a closer look, Tsukiko sees that Kotarou is crying in his sleep. Well, we all know what that means – FLASHBACK TIME!!

Kotarou remembers the days when he used to be a laid-back student who had no concern over his own future. That is, until his older sister, Koharu, decided to take in two twins, who happen to be Iku and Yui Mizushima. The twins are left with Kotarou for him to take care of.

Kotarou's older sister: Koharu

However, Koharu cautions Kotarou that Yui has had a weak heart since birth and must be looked after dearly. One day, Yui really does have a heart attack and from that day, Kotarou vowed to become a doctor and cure Yui’s sickness.

Iku, "together" is a very strong word

Episode 20 (Libra II)

Yui is hospitalized. Iku and Kotarou visit her daily and during one of Kotarou’s visits, Yui suddenly confesses her feelings towards him.

However, Kotarou has always thought of Yui as a little sister. Not wanting to ruin their current relationship, Kotarou only said that to give him some time to think it over.

That time never came. Yui dies and Kotarou is left grieving and  regretful of his previous decision.

We then return to the present time and Kotarou wakes up from his bad dream. While Tsukiko makes her “bad tea”, Kotarou notes that a younger person admiring an older person can be easily misunderstood as love.


Kotarou’s storyline is obviously similar to Iku’s as they intertwine with one another thanks to Yui  whois the apple of their eye and also the cause of their despair. Though I don’t think that they’re necessarily too similar as fir Iku, he has a rather…”unusual”, hard to say, “obsession” with Yui. Kotarou, however, has a hard time having people fall in love with him again. But nevertheless, both of them have love issues, and thankfully include a fair amount of Tsukiko in there. This is safe for me to say that I like the love interests who have “love issues”.

*nose bleed*

F-f-fluffy scene~ ;)

*sigh* Another scene of Hoshizuki-sensei sleeping *-____-*


Hoshizuki-sensei eventually took over Koharu's spot as the school's Chairman


All that’s left aretwo love interests from the Summer arc (Miyaji Ryuunosuke and Azusa Kinose) and a surprise love interest with theOphiuchus sign (Kagurazaka Shiki).

My current favs of Starry Sky love interests (lots of them are tied -___-):
1. Iku Mizushima (~in Autumn~)/Kotarou Hoshizuki (~in Autumn~)
2. Nanami Kanata (~in Spring~)/Suzuya Tohzuki (~in Spring~)
3.  Shiranui Kazuki (~in Winter~)
4. Homare Kanakubo (~in Summer~)/Hayato Aozora (~in Winter~)
5. Tsubasa Amaha (~in Winter~)/Naoshi Haruki (~in Autumn~)
6. Yoh Tomoe (~in Spring~)

Next Episode Preview:

“Scorpio I+II”

Miyaji Ryuunosuke! Cool, talented, and serious, he is the Vice-President of the Archery Club, and also the love interest who I have no excessive background knowledge of. Therefore, BRING IT ON!!! I have no idea what I’m looking for…



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