The World God Only Knows II 03 & 04: Haqua du Lot Herminium

26. So!

My half-yearlys, i.e. mid-terms, are finally over! At last! After two weeks of hell (technically a week and a half), I’m back on track with my beloved anime and manga(s). And gaming – oh god, I love gaming. I can’t live without it ;D …And that’s probably why I screwed up on all of my sciences; yup, there goes about half of my subjects in the bin.

But disregarding my study life (lol) – Kaminomi, Haqua, welcome to the spotlight!

7. Pompous attitudes...


Blah blah blah. Click here to skip to the Afterthoughts (spoiler video included).

3. Elsie and Haqua

4. Special armband = district chief

Glowing armband = district chief

4. Elsie and Haqua take two...and Keima gaming lmao

5. Up goes Haqua

6. ...and down goes Elsie lol

Elsie is met by her colleague Haqua, a genius from their class and now the Section Chief of District 32 of the Far East Division. Their conversation is cut short when Elsie’s boss, Chief Docrow, reports a strong evil spirit on the loose due to a failure of another spirit hunter. Haqua decides to capture this spirit by herself but Keima, after hearing her talk with Elsie and seeing her suspicious attitude, realises Haqua is the spirit hunter who let the said spirit loose. While Keima isn’t interested on why Haqua is keeping it a secret from Elsie, he offers to help her find the spirit at school in exchange for some background information (he works with Elsie after all). Haqua explains that the spirits are the souls of the Old Demons of Hell who were overthrown and sealed by like-minded Demons who were against the former’s wicked ways. The evil spirits, or loose souls, however managed to escape to Earth and now hide in girls’ hearts which spirit hunters are tasked to capture them before they are reincarnated as that host’s child. Since the spirit feeds on negative emotions, Keima leads Haqua to the most depressing place in campus, the school theater. Elsie suddenly reports to Haqua that she’s discovered the spirit in the theater – and it has one heck of an ugly face.

8. Such determination!

Keima: An event is about to descend from the sky! -determined look-

9. ...All for a game.

...And all for a game.

10. Shinigami-chama!


12. Waaahhh ~

13. Go go go go go!

15. Psstttttttt


Sigh...the exaggerated violence by violent women ==

17. Haqua and Keima...They would've made the ultimate partners.

20. Old hell...

21. ...Who or what are those lol

23. Listen to others when they'll talking to you! LOL

Haqua: Listen to others when they

24. Keima and his cute explainations xD

25. We new demons are rational beings!

Haqua: We new demons are rational beings!



27.  How about the school's baseball team; they're always surrounded by a dark aura.

28.'s more like they suck.

30. The school theater....

31. The loose soul...with a face.

Haqua tries to capture but the spirit has gotten so powerful (a level 3 was it?) that it manages to escape once again. Keima suggests Haqua should team up with Elsie but Haqua refuses, claiming she that doesn’t need her. As Haqua is in distraught that she has failed to live up to her friends’ expectations (as she has yet to catch a single spirit), the spirit possesses her. DEMONS CAN BE POSSESSED TOO! Lesson learnt.

2. Capture in process!

Capture in process!

3. Capture failed.

Capture fail.

4. Keima; I'm just a normal bystander- SQUISH.

Keima: I

5. Geh.


Woop! Flashbacks!

10. Elsie and Haqua's graduating class.

12. Haqua!

In order free Haqua from the spirit’s control, Keima tells Elsie to calm the negative emotions in Haqua’s heart. Elsie breaks free from the possessed students (who are in turn being possessed by the spirit), hugs Haqua and successfully manages to calm her down with some corny friendship comforting. Now working together, the two capture the spirit and Haqua thanks Keima for his help.

13. That fugly spirit still disturbs me

14. The dark emotionless eyes...

15.Blue flames!

16. Woah.

17. Oof!

18. Goooooo Elsie!

20. Charge charge charge

21. Gaming at this point of time, as expected of Keima.

Gaming at a time like expected of Keima-sama.


24. Hooray for you!

25. Good work to you guys too.



For those who are still wondering why I have the weirdest, random pictures in my afterthoughts…Think of them as episodic summaries I suppose…And is that Mugi trying to impersonate a goldfish rofl? Those damn idiotic K-ON moments xD

Comedy comedy comedy. This series is exactly that – comedy. I swear manga artists could be comedians if they wanted to be and Keima – that Keima – is one of the greatest comedic GOs (Geek and Otaku) ever to live on anime and manga earth. I could really use some of his comedic skills for my English orals – they’ll definitely engage the audience for sure.

That, and his “unexpected character”-ness. One thing which I absolutely love about The World God Only Knows is Keima’s character. You’ve got to hand it to him – he’s not only funny but also strong. But not physically of course; he’s another one of those misleading characters whom apparently seem more stupid, introverted or out of place than they really are…like Light from Death Note! …But in a less evil manner. It’s like he has an on and off switch to alter between different personalities and attitudes from the carefree, 3D-girls hating and obsessed otaku to the serious, playboy targeting said 3D girls. Otaku(s) and playboys? Yeah, they don’t mix unless they’re Katsuragi Keima.

So it’s no surprise that I loved the moments when Keima, and Elsie even, kept surprising Haqua throughout the whole of these two episodes, more so when Haqua revealed their soul-capturing progress. Though there’s been five souls, it’s supposedly a great progress within two months according to Haqua, and for Elsie at that…But I do pity Keima as there’s a *beep* number of them. The manga’s digging darker and darker at the moment (you’ve probably heard that a dozen of times by now) and I’m dying for more releases >< God damn it. The fan scanlations covering the Kaminomi manga did a pointless filler the last time I checked…nuuuuuu I want more!

But back on track. Episode 3 and 4 also revealed some unexpected insight into the alternative dimension, about the old and new Hell and why the heck there are loose souls everywhere. There wasn’t much action on Keima’s part as the capturing this time was done by Elsie. Perhaps it was to show that she’s not completely useless as she seems to be, particularly since most of the time she was just standing on the sidelines waiting for Keima to get the girls’ hearts.

…And I think I may have discovered this season’s little secret:

TSUKIYO?! But she wasn’t in the opening? ;O

– Serenata


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2 Responses to The World God Only Knows II 03 & 04: Haqua du Lot Herminium

  1. tomphile says:

    If you haven’t watched the more recent episodes yet, you really should. They really develop the story more and give you insight into Keima’s feelings for the girls he’s conquered in the past. It also shows that they didn’t forget about him, which is a relief, especially Ayumi.

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