Because all intro posts need some moe

So I’m the kind of person that claims to be terrible at introductions and then can’t stop rambling once I get going. But to start off somewhat formally… As you may have — probably haven’t — heard, I am The Otaku’s Blog’s newest editor/writer. Among my many pseudonyms (Subby, Lime, Lystri), you can just call me Lustri.

I should forewarn you that I don’t know the meaning of brevity and will probably be long-winded in my postings. (But really, I’ll try to keep it interesting.) While I can’t say for sure what I’ll be covering in the future, I will be intermittently posting my thoughts on the latest dramas. (Because I’m not only an anime/manga addict, but somehow I have grown to like dramas, too.) If you want to know more, you can look here on the staff page.

Thank you to Serenata (Yui) for inviting me. I look forward to my time here, and please continue to support The Otaku’s Blog! :)


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17 Responses to Because all intro posts need some moe

  1. sakuraxxyume says:

    WELCOME TO TOB ^^ May you have a good time cooperating with us, writing posts, and editing the authors’ (including me ;] ) posts.

  2. jacqivarius says:

    Tag out, have fun while I cram my already teeming mind with quotes and geographical terms.

    Your verbosity will be much welcome.

  3. lerorin says:

    Welcome editor-san!!

  4. baka-neko says:



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