[Manga (Complete)] Onani Master Kurosawa

The master

Note: This is not hentai and never will be.

Author: Ise Katsura
Artist: Yoko
Genre: Mature, Psychological, Seinen, School Life, Romance
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From the looks of the title, this manga is about a dude jacking off in the girls bathroom… Sure it is, if you are close-minded enough to believe what you see at first glance, but this manga is actually more than meets the eye. Onani Master Kurosawa is deep in emotion, filled with ego, coupled with betrayal and many other dramatic plot devices.

Here we are introduced to our protagonist, Kurosawa Kakeru, who is an asocial person. His“daily activity” is jacking off in the (mostly unused) girls bathroom. Not the typical kind of protagonist that is seen in manga, but it is what gives room for Kurosawa to mature. As a student he learns the hard way; he learns the true meaning of friendship, of betrayal,  the feeling of being rejected by those in the same age group, and how to move forward without any regrets. Kurosawa truly becomes a person whom I can respect as he musters all of his courage to confess all the things he has done.

I have  never felt so attached to a manga before, but this just has everything. The author seriously is a freaking genius! The way he portrays the characters and how they develop, it makes me realize that I, somehow, have a similar situation (not the jacking off part). This manga teaches you to treasure everyone around you. It tells you to muster your courage to confess, and to learn how to be a better person for the person you love. I laughed, I cried and I even got angry while reading this manga, and I am sure I am not the only person to experience all these feelings. I won’t go any further, just try reading it. With simplistic but appreciable art and a story with good foundation, I can seriously recommend this manga. And a bit of an advice: never judge the manga by its title.

Ratings: 5/5



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5 Responses to [Manga (Complete)] Onani Master Kurosawa

  1. Xephy says:

    Well this is ironic, I was just thinking of reading this Manga a few nights ago. I have to say this is a really good review, you made Onani Master Kurosawa seem ever more interesting than it already did. I think I’ll definitely give it a shot now.

  2. Lustri says:

    Seinen, Psychological, and Romance are my favorite genres. I have had this on my need-to-read list for who knows how long now. Having read the review, I feel more motivated than before to go ahead and try it. :)

  3. soyokaze says:

    Remember that there are two extra light novel chapters concluding the story!
    They are on Emergency Exit’s blog, the guy who translated OMK.
    Be sure to drop by and thank him, though he hadn’t been heard of since 2009.

  4. Read this in about a day and I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty intense – psychologically, I mean. The manga ending was a bit unexpected, especially the romance pairing. A good read nevertheless!

  5. Jasonnnn says:

    I really have to say. This is the best manga I’ve read. Seriously unique, and took me on an emotional rollercoaster.

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