Ao no Exorcist 02 & 03: Curiosity can kill not only the cat but also one’s fun.

Ao no Exorcist Fanart

Though I said I was back on track, I’ve been feeling rather reluctant to spend the little time I have blogging on episodic reviews. I suppose this is why many of my fellow writers have gone MIA over the past few weeks and that many others prefer to do editorials. School isn’t helping either (and I doubt it is to any of TOB’s staff) as my exams have already been marked with many of my results as not so good news. I’m only hoping that my parents won’t discover anything. That, and I wish I could time travel.


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20. Flashback flashback

Episode 2 –

3. Mumble mumble mumble

4. Ghouls

Ghouls. The living dead. Stinky ones at that.

11. And he's back!

16. Shock!

17. Attempt at humour huh

A comedy gag?

18. Ooohhhh

Fujimoto and his companions try their best to protect Rin from the demons who are after him, but Fujimoto ends up being possessed by Satan, the most powerful of the demons and Rin’s father. Seeing his guardian taking his own life to protect him, Rin decides to fight back by unlocking his demonic powers, even though he knows that by doing so he will not be able to live as a human anymore.

– Wikipedia

22. Rage rage rage


27. Tomato blood again.

28. Be surprised.

29. What an ugly gate.

What an ugly has heads. HEADS.

32. Ka-ching!

33. ;-;

Episode 3 –

As part of his training to become an Exorcist, Rin gets himself enrolled at the True Cross Academy. On his first day of classes, Rin becomes shocked to know that Yukio not only always knew about his secret, and also is already a graduated Exorcist and will be one of his teachers.

– Again, Wikipedia (I’m far too lazy for summaries nowadays)

2. OMFG it's a pink limo!


4. Good luck Rin; looks like you'll need it.

Horrible Subs.

6. Looks like something that came out of Howl's Moving Castle

Looks like something belonging to Howl's Moving Castle.

7. Lovely expression you got.

8. Blushies make all characters cute.

14. Jack...

15. Mephisto!


18. Satan's son equals big NO

19. If it were only'll be another Noah's Ark

It's like D.Gray Man all over again.

24. GUNS!


26. This must be his ultimate fighting pose

27. Ugh. Ugly

30. Haha, don'y worry Rin. You still look cute even in jail pajamas

31. haha


I promised myself that I wouldn’t spoil my fun with the anime by read ahead with the manga yet I decided to do a bit of character research on Ao no Exorcist regardless. To my surprise, I discovered that Yukio was in fact an Exorcist before I actually got around to watching episode three. Yes, I know; I’m an idiot. But from this, I’ve learned my lesson: curiosity can kill not only the cat but also one’s fun along with it. I can’t say for sure I won’t do it again since it’s curiosity we’re talking about here, CURIOSITY god damn it, but thank god I didn’t read any further…or so I like to believe.

But disregarding my stupidity, my favourite scene was of these two episodes was when Rin stood in the rain with that sexy (?) but angry face of his, declaring “I’m going to kick Satan’s ass!”. As for Mephisto, I must say, he is one of my favourite characters this season – seriously. He’s sweet yet crazy (and by sweet, I mean “sweetly decorated” e.g. his ice-cream umbrella!), owns a pink limousine and can transform into a funny-looking dog! He reminds me of the Millennium Earl from D.Gray Man with his clown-like attitude and the pink umbrella (Mephisto’s pink, ice-cream umbrella is the equivalent of Lero lol?) But of course, Mephisto is less chubby and with more of a fancy fashion sense…like that of Road (or Rhode, however you like to spell it) Camelot’s!

34. Ice cream umbrella!

35. I'm going to kick Satan's ass!

36. just keep on laughing.


Though I prefer protagonists to know what they’re doing, Rin ain’t so bad himself. I guess you could say it’s because of his attitude…and the blue flames. I absolutely love the blue flames – they’re badass. (I think I’ve said that before lol)

Let’s not forget the long awaited OP featuring UVERworld’s “Core Pride”! The graphics were a bit of a disappointment as I was hoping for some action like in Bleach OPs but I suppose the mundane scenery was pretty cool as well. I’m still not used to the jazz tune in “Core Pride”, and personally, I prefer Ao no Exorcist’s ED, both graphically and musically wise.

5. Walking walking walking

6. Rain and fences equals thumbs up


And then there’s this:


On a side and totally unnecessary note, I finally got more ear piercings! A total of five now, but I still want more, or in the least, one on my cartilage. But that will probably have to wait for later – my ears still hurt every time I poke them.

– Serenata


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9 Responses to Ao no Exorcist 02 & 03: Curiosity can kill not only the cat but also one’s fun.

  1. baka-neko says:

    LOL. When i was watching it and the babyshiba was on and i was like AHH~! so cute ♥
    … then suddenly demons and those ghouls appear =.=

  2. Lustri says:

    I would love this anime more if I could see some more action. (AKA Rin acting more bad ass.) Even though they employ some cliches, I actually like Rin. Most shonen anime characters tend to annoy me endlessly.

    Why the mameshiba commercials? Why? It’s like all this bad ass-ery and then suddenly overwhelming cuteness. It’s really disarming. Which reminds me that episode 04 kept screwing up for me and looping the mameshiba commercial endlessly.

  3. tomphile says:

    Does anyone else think that the Father was the coolest character in the show? It would have been a smart move to keep him in. They would probably kill him off anyways, but I would have liked to see him in action for a tad bit longer.

    Besides all that, this anime is looking to progress much like Naruto or Bleach, you know, train and fight, and then train some more. I hope it doesn’t get so formulaic, but that’s the most likely thing to happen.

    • Lustri says:

      I knew after the first episode they were going to use him (the father) as a plot device, so to speak. It was a little disappointing that they killed him off so quickly. But conversely, had he survived, Rin may not have entered the exorcist academy.

      Yeah, so far they have employed quite a few cliches. The setup is a traditional shonen. I just hope it does not allow itself to become generic. I like the subtle differences that keep it original so far, but it is going to have to improve if it wants to stand out.

  4. jacqivarius says:

    Oh, you did get those piercings did you? Tch, you have 1 more than I do now. Blasphemy! I’ll need to get two more.

  5. Ryo_kun says:

    Oh yeah, Mephisto looks kinda like Millennium Earl. No wonder it felt so familiar when i first saw Mephisto. Haha. Nevertheless, this show is excellent, in both graphics and music wise. I’m a huge fan of 2pm so like the ED very much! xD

    But I’m not really sure with the plot though because I haven’t read the manga yet. Hopefully it has a main plot, unlike *cough* fairy tail *cough* .

    • jacqivarius says:

      I’m certain that Fairy Tail does have a main plot, it’s just progresses extremely slowly. Every arc has some mention of Zeref which must account for something.

    • The plot looks compromising, and like tomphile said, it’s definitely another one of those train, battle and then train some more sort of shows. Not that I’m complaining since the action is pretty amazing. There’s definitely potential for more more blowing scenes.

      And it’s not just Mephisto who reminds me of D.Gray Man. The whole exorcism and the idea that a key can open to a different dimension is similiar to the Noah’s Ark, imo.

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