Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 17+18 (New Allies!+White Hot Tournament!)

Regional Tournaments are essential for improving and testing your skills. However, they can also bring your courage down…

When discouraging times come, it's time for New Allies! ;D

Episode Summary:

Episode 17 (New Allies!)

Aichi is about to be destroyed by Kurosawa’s Kagero deck, but he is able to save himself with one of his two new cards: “Knight of Truth, Gordon.” Gordon has a special skill that allows him to perform a special type of intercept. If a Royal Paladin is inside the Vanguard circle, 5000 power is added to Gordon’s shield.

They even have a special name for it :)

Being able to block Kurosawa’s full-on assault, Aichi calls out another new card. It is a Grade 3 card called “Gigantic Charger.” Gigantic Charger also has a special skill of opening the card on top of the owner’s deck. Aichi is able to draw a Flogal. Now that he has enough cards to fully support his Alfred, Aichi leads a full-on assault and wins the first duel against the “Three Blacks” team.

Therefore nothing to protect you. Kurosawa has lost this duel.

Even though they're the "Three Blacks"...THEY'RE SO SHINY X___X

Kai (obviously) wins the second round and Team Q4 advances to the next round.

LOL, funny face expression, Kamui >:)

Did I mention that Kamui couldn’t fight? Since Team Q4 won two duels in a row, the team automatically wins and advances towards the next round… Thereby leaving poor Kamui itching for a cardfight. ^^

Epic face times two ;)

You'll have your chance next time~ *sadistic face* ^^

Episode 18 (White Hot Tournament!)

Thanks to the efforts of Kamui and Kai, Team Q4 is able to fly through all of the duels. Misaki eventually arrives, just before the finals. Their opponent is Team Handsome, representatives from Card Shop Handsome. For the first duel Kamui represents Team Q4. His opponent, however, is someone very unexpected…

At least to Kamui ^^


Lol, I already had a slight premonition that Kamui was going to go against Nagisa. Since Nagisa’s obsession with Kamui is a running gag in this anime already, I really want to see how Kamui will duel against Nagisa. Looking at the preview, it looks like Nagisa has the same deck as Kamui. My guess is that Nagisa is some kind of young prodigy in cardfighting. This duel is bound to be interesting. :)

The regional tournament started out slowly due to Aichi’s nervousness over his first duel in a regional tournament. However, in my opinion, the tournament passed by a little too quickly in episode 18. I thought that the anime would show each one of the duels slowly and with more detail. I think that the creators believed it would be boring for the viewers and therefore only mentioned the different teams that Team Q4 and Team Handsome had faced. Basically, the fact that the creators sprinted past the regional tournament like that did not meet my expectations. Nevertheless, episode 17 and 18 had good duels and provided nice comedic moments that made up for the pacing.

Next Episode Preview:

“Showdown! Nova Grappler!”

You can see that Nagisa's deck is similar if not same as Kamui's

I also present the marriage of Kamui and Nagisa >;D May you two live as husband and wife



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One Response to Cardfight!! Vanguard Ep 17+18 (New Allies!+White Hot Tournament!)

  1. Despite not watching the anime myself, I always love reading your reviews on Cardfight. Perhaps its the whole game factor – who knows.

    Two thumbs up to Lustri and you ;) Ciao.

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