Let Dai [Complete] Review

This manhwa is, in one word, beautiful. Some may feel a little apprehensive at the shonen-ai genre that this series is tagged with, but don’t be intimidated by it. This isn’t some grungy, graphic story that you see fan girls clawing over for the steamy boy love. That’s unfortunately a major misconception that comes with the genre.

The romance in Let Dai between Jaehee and Dai is one that transcends gender. It is passionate, intense, and yet sometimes violent and toxic… It’s a series that doesn’t sugar coat love; love is capable of giving you hope and filling you with the warmth of happiness, but simultaneously capable of bringing you to your knees in the greatest despair you’ve ever felt. The harshness of reality is crushing.

Let Dai’s synopsis pretty much sums up the story without spoiling anything, but it’s more than just a delinquent and a goody two-shoes that fall in love with each other. It’s the trials they go through in their relationship, the pain their affiliation with each other brings to those around them. Every action has consequences.

Perhaps my only complaint was that the beginning felt too fast-paced and confusing at the first. It seemed to me that the feelings between Jaehee and Dai came so abruptly that I couldn’t even begin to fathom how the two became so close with the cruel events that happened between them.

However, in the middle and toward the end of the story, I slowly began to understand and sympathize with their feelings. It began to make more sense as the story progressed and though there were parts that had a bit of melodrama, overall the story was consistently interesting and kept me on my toes as I kept my eyes glued.

There are many inspirational quotes in this manhwa, and if you stop and read slowly I think you’ll catch on quite quickly to the underlying meanings that I feel the author was trying to get across with the story.

As for the characters, they were extremely well-developed. All of them grew throughout the story and the progression was amazing to watch. From Jaehee’s courage, strength, and dedication to Dai’s charismatic personality and sociopathic tendencies… You’re given a cast of interesting, but realistic and human-like characters.

The art was crisp and clean. I sometimes felt that the backgrounds were a little lacking, but that is a minor complaint. Overall it was well drawn without the poorly proportioned limbs we’ve come to expect from most manhwa.

I absolutely adored the storyline and the characters. I’m picky when it comes to art, but I adored the style used in this series. However, I do have to say that it was fairly depressing and for some, the ending may feel a little lacking… I would compare it more along the lines to eating a meal and feeling full, but not fulfilled.

Let Dai does touch on homophobia, gang rape, and suicide. These are touchy, sometimes controversial subjects that many may not be able to handle. Those of you that cannot, I would highly advise you to look elsewhere for something more lighthearted. However, if you can handle those subjects, then I believe you’ll see just as I have that this is a true gem.

Rating: 10/10


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2 Responses to Let Dai [Complete] Review

  1. Lily says:

    I love Let Dai too. It is one of the shounen ai manga/manhwa that depicts the realistic love between two boys. It’s not one of those fluffy shounen ai manga that sugar coated the reality.

  2. jasmine c gonzales says:

    omg i totally agree with Lily!~ i loved the manhwa so much that i bought all 15 volumes :) re reading them never bores mee ^_^
    i hope theyd make it into a movie or a korean drama :)

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