Take Off by 2PM – Ao no Exorcist ED

If you have been watching Ao no Exorcist recently then you may have noticed the catchy ending song, and if you haven’t then you are missing out. (Both in terms of good music and a pretty good anime.)

Take Off is a single by Korean boy band 2PM. Coincidentally – okay, it really is not a coincidence – today is the official release of the Japanese single. (Well, yesterday for most reading this now, I suppose. But it is still the 18th of May in the States for a couple more hours!)

For ogling listening purposes I have included the music video. Enjoy!

– Lustri

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10 Responses to Take Off by 2PM – Ao no Exorcist ED

  1. sakuraxxyume says:

    Honestly, I like the song more than the dance. The PV is good. I’ve got to admit, I was surprised when I saw that it was 2PM who sang the ED song of Ao no Exorcist…Then again, a lot of the Kpop bands are debuting in Japan right now. Nice review~ ;D

    Randomness: Taecyeon and Nickhun ^^
    Randomness P.S.: I was wondering if you could edit my pending posts please ^^. You’re the only one who’s alive and not sleeping at this moment. -___-

    • Lustri says:

      Yeah, the dance is a little… 2PM isn’t really my favorite K-pop band but I was excited to see them moving into Japanese entertainment too, kind of like BoA has done. It is great to see them featured in anime, especially Ao no Exorcist. And yes! Nickhun…

      Certainly! I was working on your Gosick post earlier. I go to bed in about an hour so not sure I will be able to finish it until tomorrow. Serenata has still been teaching me the ropes these past few days.

      • sakuraxxyume says:

        Ok~ Ty so much for editing them, especially Gosick. I finished that Gosick post for more than two weeks now and I need it edited and published ASAP so I can work on the next few episodes that were already released.

        Thanks again! It’s nice having an editor who is in a similar (not always same) time zone. The others have totally different ones since a majority of them live in Australia. =3= When I’m not busy, they’re always having an exam. When they have time to waste, it’s time for me to work in school. -____- Good luck on editing! (I know, my posts are hard to understand due to my weird tastes ^^”)

  2. Thanks Lustri! The blog’s been going great since you joined and I’m sorry that some of our staff, particularly our other admins, haven’t been able to help you out. Nevertheless, I hope the 101 guide is enough for now as really, it all comes down to experimenting and the saying “practice makes perfect”.

    And sorry Ying/Sakura! Your Gosick’s been sitting there for way too long ><

    As for "Take Off" – I love the song. I was a bit surprised at first since it's 2PM; who would have thought? K-pop with Japanese anime? I love the graphics on the ED of Ao no Exorcist…the whole traveling camera perspective and how there's like these billiards where the characters are dancing! Pretty awesome :)

    • baka-neko says:

      First time I’ve ever seen K collaborate with Jap anime. Particularly the extremely popular ao no exorcist ^^~

    • Lustri says:

      No, no, it’s perfectly okay. :) I’m on summer break for the next couple of months anyways. If I had school going I would probably be pretty scarce.

      Hasn’t there been another K-pop band that has done an OP/ED for an anime? My memory is fuzzy.

      • sakuraxxyume says:

        Oh mah gah =3= I still need…A MONTH BEFORE IT’S SUMMER VACATION ;-; You’re so lucky~

        • Lustri says:

          My niece is still in school and will be until the end of May. College starts late and gets out early. It’s soooo nice.

          • sakuraxxyume says:

            ToT I still have until the middle of June…I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER TT_TT

            Must be nice in college~ I plan to go and major in something (haven’t decided) and then come out. (Lol, main reason is so I can add my future eighth grade teacher as a friend on FB ^^ Ik, stupid reason but it’s important to me) But looking at the others, it seems like the exams are a pain in the arse -___-

            • Mine are over and done with for school – thankgod. Cram school, however, is a total different story. It’s almost 5 over here, and I’ve got a paper due at 7 (technically 6:30 if we cut off the time it takes for me to travel there). I ought to do work but I hate essays.

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