Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko EP 1 :City of Aliens.

I actually forgot that I was covering this series…


Makoto Niwa is a boy who tends to monitor his “adolescence points” by the way he encounters other girls. He transfers to a new city from the countryside, where he meets his aunt, Meme Touwa. Makota’s dreams of living alone come crashing down as he discovers that he will sharing his new home with a girl wrapped in a futon mattress. This strange, mysterious girl, seen lying on the floor by the entrance, is introduced as Erio, Meme’s daughter. (Thereby making her Makoto’s cousin.)

After Makoto enrolls at his new high school, (where he definitely has more than ten girls in his classroom) he spends homeroom checking them out while feeling as though everyone has lost interest in him already. After returning from school Makoto tries to get to know Erio, who devours a half a pizza with a futon wrapped around her upper body and speaks in confusing scientific jargon. While taking her to a supermarket (with the futon still wrapped around her) in the basket of the bike, Makoto unravels the mystery of the beauty with silver-blue hair. She happens to be a self-proclaimed investigator, descended from aliens, who claims that the earth is being targeted.


How is this possible...?


I actually forgot that I was covering this series and that’s why it’s so late…

Woah, this series is pretty freaking awesome! Also, I think I am in love with Erio. A girl being wrapped in a futon and eating pizza whilst it’s still around her is pretty amazing, if only I could do that or find a girl that could. At this stage, I think this anime will do quite well judging from the first episode.

Preview: Paranoia of My Disappearing Adolescence



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One Response to Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko EP 1 :City of Aliens.

  1. Lustri says:

    Finally. Another girl who likes pizza. I haven’t been this thrilled since C.C. in Code Geass. I may need to watch this.

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