Gosick Ep 14+15 (A Malicious Frill is Censuring the Farting Newt+Two Monsters See Eye to Eye)

Victorique’s attitude seems to be the result of being surrounded by people with a lack of love and social skills.

As said by our heroine ^^"

Episode Summary:

Episode 14 (A Malicious Frill is Censuring the Farting Newt)
After Kujou finds Victorique being manhandled by Cecil, the two finally manage to convince the reluctant Victorique to join classes. Afterward, however, Avril starts to insult Victorique behind Kujou’s back.

*GLAREE* >:(

Victorique's "lovely" reaction ^^

Kujou then tries to force Victorique to apologize when she attempts to throw a desk at Avril. But when our stubborn little Victorique refuses, they end up separating. While Victorique searches the clock tower, Kujou and Avril investigate the cemetery. There the two encounter an old man who claims to have seen an “unseen ghost.” o_O

See the footprints?

Meanwhile, Victorique sees Brian Roscoe, an acquaintance of Cordelia Gallo and a person who is a friend to another victim of Leviathan. During lunch break Victorique reveals  that Leviathan’s “alchemy” was fake. Kujou leaves as soon as he sees Roscoe, and Avril apologizes and indirectly confesses her attraction to Kujou.

"Sorry" just doesn't cut it...

I don't really like the KujouXAvril couple...

Unfortunately, Victorique has already left the area. Later on, Kujou confronts Roscoe at the Clock Tower about his real relationship with Cordelia Gallo.

Episode 15 (Two Monsters See Eye to Eye)

The blood relation between Cordelia Gallo and Roscoe is revealed.
He begins to question Kujou concerning the protection of Victorique, warning him to be aware of Victorique’s father, Marquis de Blois.

Exactly my thoughts when Kujou was about to take on Roscoe

Finally, the mystery is somewhat solved by Victorique! She, Grevil, Avril, and Kujou travel to the clock tower where Victorique then explains the origins of Leviathan.

Long ago, the King of Sauville decided to import gold from Africa to Sauville. In order to silence them, the King eventually killed all of the African slaves and helpers. But one of them escaped and then took on a new identity… Leviathan.

...was Leviathan

During his service to the royal family, Leviathan slowly became the target of the King himself and several royal advisors. One day a man named Albert came and tried to contend with Leviathan, in the end making a deal with him: in exchange for protection, he would use his alchemy and create artificial humans. In other words, homunculi.

This is Albert :D

On the day Levianthan supposedly died, he entered the secret room in his laboratory and admitted his failure in creating homunculi. In order for Albert to fulfill his wish of becoming powerful, he would have to sire a strong female with extraordinary abilities. As it happens, Albert is the Marquis de Blois, thus Victorique was actually born from her father’s lust for power and a homunculi army.

Leviathan's "tomb"

Albert and Victorique...I don't spot any similarities o_O

UBER cute scene from the ending theme song ;D

Next Episode Preview:

“The Felling Maria has a Fly’s Head”

The episode titles never cease to surprise me...



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2 Responses to Gosick Ep 14+15 (A Malicious Frill is Censuring the Farting Newt+Two Monsters See Eye to Eye)

  1. Lustri says:

    Sorry for taking so long to get this out, Sakura. Hopefully I did an alright job in editing. D: But I enjoyed reading it. Avril seems like a really annoying character.

    • sakuraxxyume says:

      It’s alright! ^^ I should be the one thanking you instead. Your editing is great~ Yep, Avril is a douche. Anyway, thanks again! ;]

      I need some time to write up the next Gosick post. This should give you some time to either take a break or work on the other authors’ pending posts. :)

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