Final Fantasy XIII-2 // AND IT RETURNS!

Yes, this is the sequel to last year’s Final Fantasy XIII (AKA. FFXIII) FFXIII-2 features a wardrobe change and a few new characters~!

*Note: More info is soon to be released.


Story: Our protagonist, Lightning, goes through a little costume change, upgrading from skirt-and-vest, to sexy silver-plated armour. She also loses her l’Cie abilities (magic, summoning, etc).

The main story still follows on with the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, however focusing on the goddess Etro. Whilst Cocoon has fallen, there is no doubt that the story wouldn’t be so peaceful. It sees darker and more mysterious side over XIII.

As apart of Lightning’s new mission, she will be in direct conflict with the mystery man as seen above and in the official trailer. Later she will end up in a confrontation with this man with equal strength.

The lingering question left from FFXIII shall soon be answered… once its released of course.

Characters: The characters have yet to be announced, but for all I know, Lightning is in it :D (plus that mystery man whose name is yet to be revealed)

Official Sites:

FFXIII-2 (Japan)

FFXIII-2 (North America)

FFXIII-2 (Europe)

Release Date: (LOL so evil for leaving this last ~ )

Japan: Late 2011

Other Countries: Late 2011/Early 2012


At the moment, the only thing disappointing me so far is the long 5 year wait for Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII. Where is our Noctis  ~? I DEMAND HIM TO BE HERE INSTORES NAOS!

For those who love Noctis oh so much ♥ this is for you ^^

FFXIII Versus Trailer EXTENDED !

*Note: its mirrored by uploader so it doesn’t breach the copyright conducts.

Love Love Love Love Loovve ~ the eleven swords and how many hundred bullets scene ~




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5 Responses to Final Fantasy XIII-2 // AND IT RETURNS!

  1. Lustri says:

    Not the same without Fang. :( But I will still play it.

  2. Hmm.. Lightning’s outfit seemed to have gotten skimpier…
    But lovin’ the extended trailer <33333
    I wonder if Kingdom Hearts 3 will be next game to be released? *hopeful eyes*

    • baka-neko says:

      Hopefully it does ~ but more importantly, NOCTIS ! 5 years man… and its still not coming out D:
      I’ll check Kingdom Hearts asap~

  3. tomphile says:

    At least Lightning’s looking like she’ll fit more into a “fantasy” setting, rather than a futuristic one now that everyone’s living on er… Terra. I forgot the name of the land.

  4. jacqivarius says:

    I’m scared of the game because it might be Square’s last hurrah. The games are losing their grip on the masses. I hope it’s good. It better be good.

    As a side note, seeing as the entire trailer is CGI, it would be cool if they became an animation studio. *BLIZZARD MOVIE I WANT*

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