Microsoft loses last Xbox founder.

Otto Berkes, a member of the Entertainment & Devices division, recently quit his job at Microsoft. It’s rather depressing seeing as J. Allard has also left. These are two people who created the Xbox, Zune, and Windows Phone. It’s difficult to say, Microsoft still has many amazing employees at their disposal, but with the recent destruction of Pioneer Studios and the subsequent leaving of two highly valuable people, if Microsoft will be able to innovate as they have been.

The original staff, including Bill Gates, have essentially evaporated leaving a shell of the former Microsoft. They were a juggernaut when it came to surprising the masses. It seems that many other companies have been beating Microsoft to the punch. In terms of new ideas, they’ve hit a point of stagnation. They were once dreamers, I wonder if the current leadership can nurture the company and remaining talents to continue being a contender.

Looking back, Berkes was the leading developer of the touch screen tablet. The Ultra Mobile PC’s, as shown by Gates in 2005, was a completely new idea. This was years before Apple’s iPad. I really feel that these people were the main bulk of the company. And now that they’re gone, I’m worried. They challenged the status quo of the company and this was why they were so great.

I’m not sure if this is even a post that is remotely interesting to our readers but it sure is to me. ;o

– Jacqivarius


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One Response to Microsoft loses last Xbox founder.

  1. baka-neko says:

    too bad though, im a sony fan o-o

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