World of Warcraft// Doing it right? or completely wrong.

Before you read this post, please go to this link. If you read the patch notes, every single encounter is being nerfed to the ground.

So Blizzard, you’re going that route are you? I am disappointed, you were my favorite gaming developers aside from Valve. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The reason why I’m being more cynical than normal is because of the raid updates for patch 4.2 in World of Warcraft. They’re nerfing ALL raids. Significantly. I used to be a passionate player. I remember when raids took days, even weeks before people could crack them. It took skill, there was a challenge when it came to raiding. People actually knew how to play their roles!

Recently, Blizzard have been change their attitude. Prior to the Cataclysm expansion, they posted that dungeons and raids will be difficult. After the shenanigans of Wrath of the Lich King and it’s tank&spank nature (tank gets hit, everyone else casts spell), this was an extremely welcome change. However, because of the simple nature of WotLK, much of community is horrid at the game. They are incapable at adapting or even putting forth an effort. In turn, they became the small vocal community on the forums that moan about how Cataclysm is too hard. And their crying has been answered! Yes, it’s hard. It was nerfed significantly during the beta. It has been nerfed even after release. And now: “normal mode raid encounters will be receiving a comprehensive set of tuning adjustments to decrease their difficulty.”

For fuck’s sake. They’re even making item level 359 gear purchasable through Justice points! (For those who don’t know, Justice points can be acquired by spamming through dungeons and the like. Item level 359 is top notch gear by the way. Stupid, I know.) Why must they cater to the idiotic portion of their audience? Just recently, 600,000 players left the game. I have no idea if this was in response to the content being too difficult or not but that’s the approach that Blizzard is taking.

I’m just sad because the last time I played, I came back from a 6 month break. SIX MONTHS. I came into a brand new game after Cataclysm and there were a slew of new skills and talents for me to learn. Even after such a long period of inactivity, I was able to raid with no difficulty. Sure, our group wiped a few times and we maybe had to Google a few strategies but it was fun. It was challenging and required a comprehensive understanding of our abilities and classes. Priests could no long heal forever! It was fun.

Now, I don’t doubt that it will be plain boring. They’re making it accessible to everyone. They no longer have to learn the ropes by going through the older content. Everyone will be able to compete with leading guilds and down big bosses with intricate patterns that the developers spent months creating simply because they do little to no damage. It’s plain disgusting.

– Jacqivarius


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11 Responses to World of Warcraft// Doing it right? or completely wrong.

  1. feal87 says:

    +1 kudos to you.

    I leaved playing the game just days ago after a couple of years break (I jumped from vanilla to Cataclysm directly and done 2-3 months in it), normal raids are already easy as they are (hell, they’re child play compared to vanilla), no need to nerf them even more.

    Sad…but well end of the story for me. Now waiting just for Diablo 3. :P

  2. Lustri says:

    I haven’t been into WOW since BC, honestly. This decision was inevitable, though – it has been seen in other MMOs as well. The developers dumb down the content for those too lazy or stupid to learn to own up to a challenge. Disappointing, really, but people have been moaning about the “difficulty” since the beginning and Blizzard has gradually made one concession after another.

    One more reason for some to move to Rift? Can’t say I have played yet but I might try it before considering ever going back to WOW now.

    • jacqivarius says:

      The worst part about it was that Cataclysm represented a fresh start. They were moving away from the travesty that was WotLK. In their blogs and updates, they repeated numerous times that dungeons were challenging and they were! I thought that Blizzard of all people would be able to keep their word but it seems that the baddies win again.

      Trion seems to be doing their player base well with Rift. I may try that or wait until The Old Republic comes out. I just love World of Warcraft’s lore though, it’s a shame that it came to this.

  3. This is possibly the worst post I’ve read on this yet.

    Right off the bat, you’re wrong when you assert that they’re nerfing “all raids”. Nethaera has already confirmed that the nerfs listed in the 4.2 patch notes are for normal mode only. Working off that, we can further whittle down the pointlessness of this article.

    The nerfs in 4.2 are similar to the steadily increasing buff in Icecrown Citadel. It and they are a source of mobility for players. Blizzard, thankfully, has realized that the methodology with which they designed in Vanilla and Burning Crusade was idiotic (despite numerous attempts to revisit it in Cataclysm – this is probably the origin of the at LEAST 600,000 lost NA/EU accounts; I say “at least” as we can’t know how bolstered the 600k number was by Chinese accounts being added due to their region recently getting Wrath of the Lich King in that same timeframe), and are attempting to make sure that anyone who puts in a decent effort to pug the raid content can see it to conclusion.

    Tier 11 is no longer relevant content after 4.2. If you are truly, as you claim, interested in content that’s “challenging and required a comprehensive understanding of our abilities and classes”, then why are you not A) focused on the brand new and relevant content, and B) why are you not tackling hard modes – extra challenges tailored EXPLICITLY FOR people who want “a real challenge”?

    Incremental gating is idiotic for many reasons. New recruits who may have been behind the 8-ball earlier in the expansion are a hindrance to guilds, as are new alts that need to be dragged through tier after tier of content to become ready for relevant content. Players that take a six-month break – as you yourself claim – can jump right back into the game by gearing up in Heroics due to $CURRENT_TIER-1 being available from JP.

    Furthermore, if you claim that Icecrown Citadel was, as you state, “tank&spank nature (tank gets hit, everyone else casts spell)”, then I’m sorry, but you never touched Icecrown Citadel, and this is coming from a Vanilla player who was 12/15 in the original levle 60 Naxxramas and was also 11/12 Heroic in ICC25H. The raids in World of Warcraft have grown in complexity dramatically since Molten Core (stand here, nuke 8 adds when they spawn, wear FR) and Blackwing Lair (LOS boss when your debuff stack is above 8) – look at Ulduar. Look at Icecrown Citadel. Hell, even look at Heroic Anub’arak, as much as people hate Trial of the Crusader. The complexity and orchestration required in modern raids humiliate anything that was present in Vanilla with the exception of possibly Four Horsemen and Kel’thuzad.

    This article smacks of someone who played in Vanilla but accomplished very little trying to wear “I played in Vanilla, I’m intrinsically better!” as a badge of honor and wearing rose-colored nostalgia goggles so thick you’d think they were the windows of a deep-sea submarine. Vanilla World of Warcraft was not hard, it was TEDIOUS. And if you are incapable of making that distinction, then I am damn glad that Blizzard is only paying marginal levels of attention to people like you (by making the first couple of months of Cataclysm a grindy chore to hit 85/cap your professions/jump-start into Heroics).

    • jacqivarius says:

      Raiding can be hard. Incredibly hard. I’m not saying it isn’t. My issue with the matter is that because normal modes are being nerfed, the community that could not possibly have reached the harder difficulties are now able. They can gear up with relative ease due to the justice point system. Once they do reach the end game, how do you expect them to cope with the sudden difficulty spike? If they wait a few months, will the relevant content also see a nerf to justify this? Because Blizzard is catering to these people, it’s impacting the community as a whole.

  4. Rades says:

    I think you’re slightly off-base. They’re nerfing all raids EXCEPT the current endgame raid. And 359 gear won’t be the top-level gear when Firelands comes out – it will be a full step below the drops from the newest raid. It will be exactly the same as how it is right now – you will be able to use Justice Points to purchase gear that is one step below the current raid content.

    • jacqivarius says:

      And then people will once again bitch and moan about the difficulty of Firelands, which will then be nerfed. When the next patch roles out and everyone has purchased their next set of gear, it will repeat itself. That’s how I see it anyways. If they staggered the difficulty, or have several difficulty settings, then people can still experience the current raid content without having to resort to nerfing it. DDO did it, you may not be able to get the best loot but you can experience everything and then go back to replay the dungeons on a harder difficulty. You learn how to play the game, you learn the different patterns and intricacies of the bosses as you progress.

  5. anafielle says:

    You know, we were talking about this in raid tonight. For reference we are 10/13 H 25, 3 nights a week. My guild falls into the nebulous “focused” category between casual and hardcore.

    Right. I love this idea.

    Think about it. 4.2 comes out. I’ll be raiding Firelands.

    We will have had six months of 4.0 raids at that point, and the normal mode content in T11 was very nicely designed. It was challenging. Granted we did it in blues, but the normal mode content was still fun. It’s still challenging today. I don’t see a whole lot of pugs clearing endmode bosses.

    I really have no issue with nerfs to normal modes of old content so that people can PUG raids without difficulty. No issue at all.

    1) It’s not current. It has absolutely ZERO effect on my major time sink, which is raiding current content.

    2) They said nothing about the T11 hard modes. In fact, they SPECIFIED normal modes. The hard modes will likely remain as challenging as they are right now – which is great.

    What is the uproar all about? They’re NOT nerfing current raids. They’re NOT nerfing future raids. This is NOT a shift in design philosophy.

    What this is, is the devs creating a puggable atmosphere with old content. Old normal content, leaving the hard modes untouched! I think it’s a beautiful and elegant solution. They’ll take the challenging content we got for 6 months and make it accessible to those who cannot get through the normal modes now. The hard modes will still be there for those who would like to do the hard (old) stuff on alts.

    Yes, in my ideal game, all the 5 mans would be Cata hard and the raids would be hard mode T11 hard. That is the game I play. I hate the easy stuff– when it affects my life and my gameplay.

    But I am very much aware that there are millions – yes, millions – of people who don’t play the same WOW that I do. Some of those people deserve to kill Nef. If Nef got nerfed for them while Nef was content for me, I’d be really pissed. I’d hate this game.

    But once Nef is not my current boss, the devs can do whatever they want to him… and I welcome them giving everyone a way to play this game (so long as they leave me MY hard and current raids.)

    This game is a better place when it appeals to everyone. I’ll get my badass T12 content. Our raider alts will even have hardmode T11 if they want a break from T12. Give the casual players, the social players, some normal mode raids. They deserve it, and as long as I have the game I want, I can only support Blizz giving them a game THEY like too.

    PS: For the record, I enjoyed your post. I just wanted to offer a differing opinion :)

    • jacqivarius says:

      The current content is hard but that’s irrelevant. By nerfing the old content, people no longer have to challenge themselves and can simply rush to the end game without learning their classes. What happens when they do reach the end game? It’s too fucking difficult for them. This may not have an effect on your time but it limits the experience of new players who are rushed through several easy raids and pugging atmosphere, by pushing buttons and standing in the fire, to meet a sudden difficulty spike. It’s not exactly beneficial to WoW already degenerating community.

      Casual players don’t have to be bad players. If they were to set up several difficulty settings then this would alleviate most of the problems that I have with the game. Give them a few blues and give them an incentive to try harder modes by staggering the difficulty. They will slowly adapt and truly learn the game and appreciate it as you do.

  6. Learn kanji says:

    I haven’t played Warcraft, so… all I can say is that some people will be pleased with any changes Blizzard makes, and others will be pissed off. Having ALL people happy is plain impossible, so I’m willing to guess that whatever change they make is to attract more and more new players, and increase even MOAR their already insane profits :)

    • jacqivarius says:

      The reason why they are changing the content is to make it more accessible to the lower levels. However, because they are making it so ridiculously easy, the already dismal player base will dwindle even further behind in skill. The current content will be such a leap in difficulty that many will be unable to beat it and must wait for yet another nerf.

      Yes, they may increase their profit but to what end? This will not attract the veterans. They aren’t concerned about the old content. The new players will come into a nerfed to hell and ultimately boring raiding experience only to come across a raid of sudden difficulty. It’s not conducive to the community. Profit does not make a game better.

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