Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 07

This seems suspiciously like an innuendo.

Now that we are back to the main couple, I no longer feel like throttling Chiaki someone. Honestly, Onodera is a much more likeable lead character… If you can look past his self-denial, stubbornness, and sometimes overly effeminate nature. (I concede, he is the uke so I should expect this, but does he have to fit into the role like it was a custom made shoe?)

– Episode 07 Review –

You ARE a stalker.

We begin with a flashback to the past where Onodera peers (creepily) around bookcases while watching Takano. Fast forward to the future where things are not quite so fluffy and innocent. Takano rejects one of Onodera’s proposals without reservation.

Because "insert fanservice here" was less poetic.

Staying after work to (hopefully) make progress on his revised proposal, Onodera spots Takano walking in. Takano claims he has to stay late for a manuscript and, despite Onodera’s initial protests, takes a seat and gives Onodera some tips to improve his proposal. Then pops in a kiss before being interrupted by Yokozawa.

It wouldn't be shonen-ai angst without a little denial.

What ensues is several misunderstandings, as Yokozawa tells Onodera that Takano is his and that Onodera should stay away. While stocking up on manga, Onodera runs into an old coworker and the two share some drinks. At the restaurant they run into Takano, who is also out with a woman.

Which would be terrible because then we would see actual plot advancement.

Takano waits for Onodera back at their apartment building. And when Onodera reaches for his key and starts to head inside, Takano detains him – pulling Onodera into his own apartment. The two have a bit of a struggle as Takano forces himself upon a not entirely reluctant Onodera. But when Takano’s phone starts ringing, the two separate.

He has a little more than "just" your back.

The next morning, despite the awkward air about them, the two head into a meeting for Onodera’s proposal. Although it has already been approved by Takano. In the end, after an awkward situation with the son of the company’s CEO, Onodera concludes that “This cannot possibly be love!”

Thoughts –

So have we made progress or not? From the beginning I was pretty sure it was just Onodera’s misunderstanding with Yokozawa. That seems to be confirmed by Yokozawa’s phone call to Takano where he reminds Takano that he has problems forgetting his past loves and that if he doesn’t let this one go, he will just end up hurt again. This leads me to believe that his meddling is out of concern for Takano.

But what is frustrating to watch is the struggling scene with Onodera in Takano’s apartment. Is this supposed to be reminiscent of some fluffy teenage romance novel? I’m going to gag on my own vomit if we can’t get over all this fan service… But I guess that is the whole point. I don’t remember Junjou Romantica being this lovey-dovey. Maybe because I was just getting into the shonen-ai/yaoi genre at that point.

Regardless, although I know for my tastes it probably is not going to improve, the quality of everything has remained on a steady level. I can give this anime that. It doesn’t throw me around like a rollercoaster and it is not necessarily a downward slope. Although I would appreciate a little less fluff and a little more realism, but hey, it’s anime, right?


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3 Responses to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 07

  1. I’ve long given up with this anime. Onodera is too stubborn for my tastes…tsundere even?

    • Lustri says:

      More like he’s suffering from severe denial and indecision. He is frustrating, but Chiaki is worse. I would like to say that I don’t understand why series like this are animated but it’s 100% fanservice. :\

  2. i love takano and onodera san

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