Kuroshitsuji Chapter 57: Thoughts on the characterisation of Elizabeth Middleford.

Kuro chap 57 pg 30

So I – or should I say we – was right: Elizabeth Middleford has completed a course in zombie killing (no, not literally). As we would have expected, the cute-obsessed lady has taken after her parents in the arts of the sword.

If memory serves me right, I believe that the anime over-exaggerated with Lizzie’s character than that of the manga. Prove me wrong, but I don’t recall the anime involving her parents in the series. At best it mentioned their name once or twice but even that was to a bare minimal. So it might or might not come as a surprise to some that Elizabeth knows how to fight. I, for one, felt amazed. Not surprised, but amazed – like déjà vu with Meirin’s (Mey-Rin) sniper skills.


Yeah. Something like that.


It’s like they say, the cute can kill.

Originally depicted – and still is – as a lady in love with anything kawaii (for example Ciel), Chapter 57 of Kuroshitsuji reveals Lizzie’s hidden talent: swordsmanship. If one actually thought about her character then the possibility would have occurred, that perhaps Elizabeth Middleford was like her parents – brilliant fencers and swords(wo)mans. Boy, were we right.

To be honest, I didn’t start contemplating about this idea till about Chapter 53 in which Lizzie flinched when Ciel held a gun at point-blank to her face. Had that been animated, I’m sure Lizzie would have screamed. Really loud. But no, she just flinched.

But I’m glad that Toboso decided to throw in this idea – it indeed makes Elizabeth all the more interesting. I’m sure it wasn’t just me who thought of her as an annoying, spoiled brat at first.


– Serenata


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12 Responses to Kuroshitsuji Chapter 57: Thoughts on the characterisation of Elizabeth Middleford.

  1. WHOOHOO! We were right! *does a mad victory dance*

    Ahem. *pats hair down*

    Lizzy never came across as bratty to me either, but I’m still I’m awf’lly glad that she can actually defend herself (and her fiance). I quite like the way Toboso depicts the strength in female characters: Madame Red had her own emotional/mental battles, Doll was loyal and brave (despite having her own weaknesses), and Mey-Rin is completely devoted to the Phantomhive family.

    I suppose her obsession with ‘cute things’ is now somehwat justified.

    I’m still a bit ‘huh?’ about the Middleford family though. If she’s first cousins with Ciel, doesn’t that make Frances a sibling of Vincent Phantomhive? So how much does she know about the dark secrets of the Phantomhive family? Does Lizzy know about the entanglements of her relatives, and is this why Frances made a point to teach her daughter combat skills (in fear of some dark chaps from the underworld society attacking her or something?)?

  2. Lizzie most likely knows more than she lets on.

    I’m not too sure with the Middleford family’s relationship to Vincent Phantomhive either; that’s still a mystery left unexplained. But since she’s the cousin and fiancee of Ciel – she clearly proclaimed herself to be the “wife of the Queen’s Watchdog” – means she must have an idea of what Ciel does.

    But I’m guessing she’s only aware of the Phantomhive secrets on a basic level. She’s yet to hear about Ciel’s involvement with the supernatural (e.g. demons and shinigami) but that will most likely change soon since they’re all on the ship.

    As for Frances teaching her daughter combat skills…it’s probably for pride’s sake as well. Yeah, the Middleford are very prideful alright. Otherwise they would have fled the ship full of zombies long ago.

    • Hmm that would make sense.

      About Ciel’s dealings with the supernatural… I’m surprised that none of the characters have ever wondered about Sebastian’s explicitly inhuman skills. This goes especially for the cover-up of his ‘death’ in the murdery mystery arc.

      I guess we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see what happens next. *is hoping for some more moments between Ciel and Lizzy*

  3. grayrabbit says:

    I used to think that she was just the weak & useless damsel-in-distress type character…
    but after seen that scene, she became my favorite Kuroshitsuji character~
    That sword fighting scene is awesome!
    I wish they show more of it in the next chapter! 8D

    • I agree. Now that Toboso’s revealed her skills, Elizabeth has definitely taken the spotlight for the meantime. Many fans must have come to like her because of so particularly those who disliked her in the first place e.g. myself. I hope she continues to surprise everyone and everything.

  4. Ezia says:

    Lizzie still annoys the heck out of me. Sebastian and Ciel look good though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t really like her, but she got cool now she can kick butt.
    I’m more gleeful about Undertaker having spotlight! He was my favorite since He showed up the first time. XD I just really, really hope my penchant for liking characters doesn’t hold true this time too. T_T (I have a bad habit of loving the evil/dark/doomed to die types – long before it’s proven they’re going to die in many cases)

    • Well, considering his actions against the natural order i.e. him and his zombies/corpses, and how the Shinigami are practically after him, I doubt Undertaker will live to the very end. If Undertaker dies, Yana will for sure make a memorable and beautiful death.

  6. Iyana says:

    What episode is this please? and season? Please tell me! =)

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