AnoHana Ep 5+6 (Tunnel+Forget Me, Forget Me Not)

Yukiatsu is a fragile character who cannot forget his past. His love, or perhaps obsession, for Menma is deep. I have a newfound respect for him.

I also think that Yukiatsu and Tsuruko make a great couple~ ^^

Episode Summary:

Episode 5 (Tunnel)

When Jintan reaches Yukiatsu (who fell to the bottom of the hill), Jintan inquires about Yukiatsu’s motives for imitating Menma. Instead, Yukiatsu wonders why Menma only appeared to Jintan. Yukiatsu confesses that he was actually the one who “killed” Menma. Right after Jintan rejected Menma, Yukiatsu confessed his feelings for her and gave her a pink clip. Instead of answering, Menma just brushed him off and ran away.


Lol, I have one exactly like that...but it has a black flower :)

I just had to share this...

That really hurt Yukiatsu's feelings...

*sigh* There lies a lonely thrown away hair clip...

Time has passed since the truth was revealed. One day, Anaru is almost forced into going into a love hotel with a man until Yukiatsu saves her. On the train ride home, Yukiatsu confronts Anaru about her feelings toward Jintan.

The scene then switches to Jintan, Menma, and Poppo. Poppo brings up the possibility that Menma’s presence might not be a good thing, because it symbolizes that she can’t go to heaven. Unbeknown to Poppo, Menma starts crying because she also doesn’t know what her wish was or even how to go to heaven.

Poppo is making her cry...

Episode 6 (Forget Me, Forget Me Not)

Jintan wonders about Menma’s wish. He remembers the possibility that Menma’s wish could be for him to go to school. So the next day, he actually goes to school. Once there, only a few notice his presence. However, all eyes are on Anaru due to the fast, spreading rumors about her going to a love hotel. Jintan saves her from the embarrassment.

At least it diverts the attention from Anaru...

Both skip school and decide to go to Menma’s house with Poppo, in hopes of getting some clues about what Menma’s wish could be. There, Menma’s mother greets them warmly and gives them Menma’s diary.

...Cute bunny ^^

After the visit, they all go their separate ways before even reading the diary. At home, Jintan tells Menma of their visit to her house. Instead of being happy, Menma breaks down and tells Jintan that visiting her house would only remind her mother about her death.

True. Not many mothers wanted to be reminded of their children's deaths...

Afterwards, the episode ends comically when Jintan runs over to the Super Peace Busters meeting place, where he sees Anaru dressed…sexually (??).

Srsly? At the most, Anaru is fifteen. Why would she do it at that age?


I really like Yukiatsu’s character. He might be cynical and asocial but he is a nice character with a nice background. Yukiatsu was once rejected and also overshadowed by Jintan. Normally, I would hate characters who act weak to mental obstacles such as being overshadowed. However, Yukiatsu acts stronger instead of weak. Well, in some ways, Yukiatsu could be classified as a tsundere. Even though he has good character development (in my opinion), I still like Tsuruko better.

Favorite Super Peace Busters (in order):
1. Tsuruko
2. Yukiatsu
3. Menma
4. Jintan
5. Poppo
6. Anaru



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