Ao no Exorcist OP: Core Pride – UVERworld

Ah~ 奥村くん は、セクシーな ♥…*ahem*
*T/N: Okumura-kun is sexy – na ~
AND ITS OUT! (despite the late notice…)

Those of you who know the insanely popular anime, Ao no Exorcist (aka. Blue Exorcist), you’d be familiar with its opening: Core Pride by my all time favorite band UVERworld.

Single: Core Pride [Limited Anime Edition]
Artist: UVERworld
Release Date: 2011/05/11
Track Listing:
2. 境地・マントラ ( kyouchi・mantra )
3. UVER Battle Royal 〜桁外れmix〜 (UVER Battle Royal 〜ketahazure mix〜
4. CORE PRIDE (anime version)
PV: (Original Version IN HD!)

Ao no Exorcist OP

*Note: The anime edition will only be available until the end of June.

Ah~ My life is complete. I can leave without any regrets…Jokes jokes, I’m not gonna die. Anyway, back to me blabbering:

Rin Okumura ♥ UVERworld ♫ EXORCIST!

Just letting everyone know, if an anime box set of Ao no Exorcist ever comes out or is announced, contact me A.S.A.P. (that of course will happen after the series is finished). I will try to buy the limited edition CD (with Rin as the cover… duh) and the ending too~ Yes, this goes against my everything K anti. Q.Q

Yet again, I do apologize to UVERworld, Ao no Exorcist and our readers for this late post. Its late-ness is unintentional. Please forgive me D:

Shall I pic spam?

Okumura Twins~ both oh-so-sexy ♥

Almost forgot~ Download links are unavailable for NOW. You may proceed to our contact page or leave a comment plus your email and Baka-Neko will send you a DirectDownload Link.



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3 Responses to Ao no Exorcist OP: Core Pride – UVERworld

  1. tomphile says:

    Does anyone else think that they sound like Back-On?

    • baka-neko says:

      Not exactly, Back-On is mostly rap and the actual singing doesn’t stand out from the instruments. I admit that the music in the background is extremely similar but the voices are completely different. To be honest, I haven’t exactly liked any of their latest songs except for Mondo Piece and Core Pride. Their older songs were much better.

  2. baka-neko says:

    Note: FORGIVE! videos aren’t working at the moment so I’ll quickly re-post links to the official site for the trailers (they shouldn’t be blocking that).

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