Because I’m Slow

If this doesn’t make you want to watch mainstream shonen-ai, what does?

Anyways, this concludes my randomness. With any luck, I will start working my Sekaiichi reviews again. Probably not.


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4 Responses to Because I’m Slow

  1. -bows for forgiveness-
    I’m so sorry! I know I promised I would help out with the blog (especially with editing and reviewing – yeah, I know. I’m behind. Terribly.) but that somehow didn’t happen. I got hooked with You’re Beautiful and have finally finished! I’ll be back with the blog…soon. Hopefully. Sorry everything got shoved onto you Lustri. But you’re doing a great job! Thumbs up!

    • Lustri says:

      You’re Beautiful as in the drama? I had to double take there. But it’s fine, hope to see you back and posting soon, though! :) And thank you.

      • Yup, the k-drama! A bit cheesy and cliche but enjoyable nevertheless. TBH, I’m not one to watch drama. I mainly stick to anime and manga only. But having watched You’re Beautiful, I’m surprised by how good k-drama can be. But hopefully I’ll still be able to watch my anime as planned. Any suggestions for romantic k-drama? I’m going for the cheesy ones atm lol ;P

        • Lustri says:

          Considering it’s a Hong Sisters drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or the currently airing Best Love would be good. Same kind of slapstick comedy, zany pacing, and all-around goodness. :)

          I used to be anime/manga only but after watching some of the Hong Sisters dramas, I’ve been hooked. Now it’s like I hardly have time for anime anymore.

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