Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko: The Paranoia of My Disappearing Puberty EP 2


Makoto spends the night at a park with Erio, eating a takeout dinner while Erio explains about how the world is in a “cubic containment.” The next day, after school, Makoto rides home with the strange but cute Ryuko Mifune, who wears a bright yellow construction helmet. As their “ride home together” doesn’t exactly go as planned, and ends up being game of chase instead, the two eventually split up and head home.

The next morning Erio requests for Makoto to assist in “making contact with aliens,” but she is instantly rejected.

During school Makoto meets another strange girl named Maekawa, who gets dizzy after raising her arms above her head for more than ten seconds and refers Makoto as “Transfer Student.”

Later that night Makoto and Erio head to the beach. Erio walks into the sea water as if she is committing suicide, claiming that if she lets herself go at these coordinates, she will float with her futon wrapped around her… Then claims she can fly.

After the beach incident the pair head toward home, incidentally running into Maekawa, who is dressed as a sandwich. She later explains a bit about Erio’s past, stating that she “disappeared” for 6 months. Later that night Meme reveals that Erio had “amnesia” and had forgotten what happened during the past 6 months she was gone. It’s also revealed that Erio broke her leg trying to fly on her bike, which made her start wrapping herself in a futon.


I really am starting to fall even more in love with Erio. I don’t know why but it must be her cuteness and clumsiness… IMAGINE HER WITH GLASSES?!?!

Anyways, overall this was a good episode – short, sweet and straight to the point, rather than just boring us away with long a boring dialogue XD.


A Strange Moment for  a Girl to Bound to the Ground.


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