Dog Days Ep 7+8 (Declaration of War+The Day of War)

Well, we’re met with double war episodes which means… double the action? I hope so…

Don't ask...I don't know why I put this as the first pic -___-

Episode Summary:

Episode 7 (Declaration of War)

It’s a perfectly good day in Flongarde… until Leonmichelle makes a sudden declaration of war (hence the episode title). The Galette forces will battle with the Biscotti troops in a battle of supremacy, and whoever wins will receive the losing country’s pair of royal weapons.

These are Galette's weapons. Leonmichelle uses Ex-Machina.

Though the Biscotti war council is suspicious and reluctant at first, Millihiore accepts the battle invitation.

Episode 8 (The Day of War)

The countries of Biscotti and Galette prepare for battle. It is later revealed that Leonmichelle’s motive for the war is to take Biscotti’s royal weapons, as her star reading stated that, “He who possesses the royal weapons of Biscotti (Excelide and Paladion) will die in thirty days.” The current possessors of the royal weapons are Shinku and Millihiore. With those secret motives, Leonmichelle and her trust advisers plan to hold the battle.

Quite a gory scene for such a "childrens" anime...

The first battle is located at the Chappal Marshlands and everybody is headed towards the Hero for his weapon, Paladion.

Solution: Don't take it out or use it :D

Meanwhile, the Galette forces attempt a surprise attack against Biscotti’s main camp to retrieve Millihiore’s weapon, Excelide. However, Millihiore and Rico have switched places and Excelide is safe.

Lol, Rico looks good in princess clothes o.O

Rico sends a signal to Millihiore (who had pretended to be Rico). Millihiore finds that something has gone awry with Leonmichelle’s plans and questions her motives.

Next Episode Preview:

“Battle at Grana Fortress”




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