Romance Town (1-8) Review

Straight up, if you like slice of life, then this is for you. Otherwise, I think this show is a bit of a drag, regardless of decent forward momentum, smooth romantic development, and “stunning” character transformations. Well, for me, it’s a love-hate relationship. I can’t stop watching but I can’t say I love it either.

If you sat down with me over a cup of tea and ventured the question, “Is Romance Town good or bad?” I would have a hard time answering. I can’t even outright say what its strengths and weaknesses are, because the quality is pretty commendable. It is not nearly the drag that Lie to Me has turned out to be, and yet it does not have the quirky, zany speed and atmosphere that The Greatest Love employs. It is much more slice of life, easygoing, with well-written endings in each episode that keep you coming back for more.

One of the greatest weaknesses, that I was happy to see dispelled quickly, was the “Clark Kent” double identity Soon Geum was using for a little while there. But the writer seems to enjoy keeping the ball rolling, which is a great relief. On the flip side, my relief at that may be dispelled my Choon Jak’s “illness,” because it is such a common trope that leads to wallowing angst which in turn makes that one hour episode feel like an incredible drag.

Still, as happy as I am that this drama turned out better than I expected, it leaves me feeling unsatisfied at the end of every episode. I think where I find it lacking is that nothing exceptionally exciting seems to happen. Even though we do see forward momentum, I still feel like we aren’t going anywhere. The plot advances, but the stakes don’t feel that high. They are glossed over to seem incredible and yet you get this feeling that they are over-exaggerated.


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